Meet The Validators AMA Series - Stakin

Stakin is a devoted validation service provider for Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks. With our products, token holders can earn interests on their holdings and shape the future of the networks in which they believe.
Our talented global team has a strong track record of outstanding execution in Network Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Finance. It is this combination of innovation, intellectual capital and diversity that enables us to provide distinct and effective services for our clients and partners.

In our Telegram chat, we spoke with InstaFinanzas at Stakin

*Ok, let’s start with my intro questions. *
And as usual the first one is: Can you tell us more about yourself and the team behind Stakin?

So I’m known as Del Rey, been in the Cosmos Ecosystem for over a year and got background in Finance, the Stakin team is full of enthusiastic and talented people experienced in cryptography, computer, marketing and more
We’ve been in business since 2019

So, Del Rey, share us your story, how did you become a validator and come up with Stakin?

So, Del Rey, share us your story, how did you become a validator and come up with Stakin?
Well, Stakin was founded by Edouard Lavidalle and Tiago Machado on 2019

Both have over 10 years experience in the crypto Market, Edouard believes in blockchain technology and what people can do with it, Tiago has experience in development and AI

Since the beginning Stakin focus is to provide the highest quality infra for the networks we operate and we are continuously looking for newer networks to support in their early stages

I guess 2019 was a great year to start, when the POS was at the beginning =)
What projects are you validating, and how are you contributing to them by being a validator?

We are validating in around 35 networks out of those, 20 are cosmos networks. Based on StakingRewards we are top 15th biggest validator in the industry, something we are really proud of

We contribute with infra, making sure our nodes are up, we never been slashed before at least on Cosmos networks

Besides that, we are very active in governance, I personally think this is where the future of our networks is at, we review proposals and give feedbacks.

We also provide educational content and do lots of twitter spaces, guides, podcast and YouTube videos for our delegators to help them in their crypto journey

That’s interesting, proposals is a part where every project want to have active community =)
But what are the benefits in staking with Stakin?

There are many ways to contribute to different protocols, one of them is through education and I think this is the main benefit

We have a robust content strategy to make sure delegators stay up to date abour what is happening in the networks they validate, we have direct assistance channels for our delegators.

Besides our secure and trusted infra, and our educational content we also offer slash insurance, a clean dashboard where delegators can see all the assets they stake, even if its not with Stakin, we many activities for our communities, for example we did a giveaway for our delegators at Cosmoverse and they got to meet the stakin team personally

Transparency is one of our values and we report our numbers and what we do to our delegators in our Discord

Bottom line we are an active participant in our networks and we care a lot about their development, we think long term and delegators appreciate that

*We are happy to have you here in Akash =) *
And last question from me: What’s in the pipeline for the next quarter?

I’m happy for that as well, on a personal side I like what Akash is doing and is one of the most unique networks that we are part of.

I’m glad you asked. We just had our quarterly meeting to discuss our plans for this last Q of the year,

Our focus will be on making more delegators take advantage of our Dashboard,

Increase our community members, but not only increase we actually want to find devoted members that can help Stakin with our mission, if someone is interested, join our discord for more

Also some cool collaborations are coming with interesting tools to help validators see relevant info

Additionally, continue supporting new networks like Sei, Stride, archway and others that are coming to the Cosmos Ecosystem

Collaborations, now that’s an interesting stuff. Have you tried to do the partnerships between the validating projects?

Yes, I mean when we validate for a project we don’t do it for the sake of just validating, we always look for ways to insert ourselves in protocols that we believe in we have done that through partnerships, contributions, offer resources, etc. We have done this for some Cosmos Networks and others outside the Cosmos Ecosystem

This is great! Thnx for the answers.

With that said, let’s move to segment #2! Questions from the community !
We will unmute the chat for a few minutes, and you will be able to ask your questions.

Do you have plan to build a community governance ecosystem and launch DAO? If yes How does stakin governance structure work? Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Great questions, where do I start…

we make lots of effort in review governance proposals and make sure our vote is in line with what our delegators want, its important to note that Delegators can overwrite our vote by voting themselves.

Delegators are free to join the debates going on our discord

At the moment no plans in launching a DAO

Your concept is interesting but complex. Is your platform suitable for beginners like me? Or is it just for professionals?

Thanks for saying this, at Stakin we try to keep it as simple as possible, if you go to our website you will be able to find guides on how to stake, which are tailored to beginners, also we have a support channel on our discord for any question

We walk along with our delegators

How long is the minimum time I have to wait before I can withdraw my money from Stakin ? Or what are the benefits of keeping it longer? Can we get rewards for it? When withdrawing do you have a minimum or maximum daily withdrawal amount?

Stakin is a non custodial validator, meaning we dont have any control over your funds

The waiting time for withdraw or unbonding will depend on the specific network

No min staking amount nor max daily withdraw

Why we should build a brand-new dashboard on Stakin?

We built the dashboard so that delegators can see all their staked assets in one place, the dashboard live, check it out :billed_cap:

The crypto industry is a fast-paced industry, how flexible is your Project to change quickly and keep pace with technology trends? What is your long-term vision for the forecasting industry in which the your Project project operates?

Adaptability is key in the crypto world
We are continuously studying industry trend and according to that we find the most prominent projects to deploy our resources

I can see this is really a great project, a great innovation indeed!
What really inspires you to create this project, why did you think the functions will be needed and how are you better by now from your competitors??

Thank you for your words,

I’m personally inspired about the impact crypto and blockchain can do, we believe people will be able to achieve great stuff using blockchain, the societies of the future will use crypto to achieve consensus and record everything on the blockchain

you know, the validator business is a weird business, you run a company and have cost of operation, however, other validators are also our friends and collaborators, we run these networks together and each and every of them is as equal as important as us imo

What is your plan for global expansion? At present, Which regions are you focusing on or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners?

We global, our reach is limitless

Yeah we want to grow our customer base, because its a business of course, but it goes beyond than that, we are more inclined in do quality validation for great networks, I believe that should be the focus

How hard is it to become a validator if for example you just come into crypto and decided to go the validator way?

Is not hard to become a validator, you have many documentations and guides you can follow, also in discords like akash, you have channels where others validators help you out setting you up, check it out

Mentioned that each proof-of-stake protocol has a different inflation rate through which we will earn interests on our holdings. By locking our cryptocurrencies into staking on STAKIN platform, how much rate we will rewarded by the protocol? Can you elaborate more?

As a non custodial validator we dont have any special rate or yield, you would get what is stablished on the protocol level

Is there going to be an special airdrop to those who stake with you?
Tokens or NFTs which one

Cant say :smiley_cat:

Is that true that every validator is trying to create some unique things to attract more stakers?

Its a free market, validators can and will find new ways to attract delegators

I believe what is important is watching out that those efforts dont contribute to concentration of voting power at the top of the validator set

Can you explain full detail of greener Proof-of-Stake ecosystem? And why need use greener Proof-of-Stake ecosystem?

The world matters, this is where we live so each action we can do to protect the earth is a good action imo

Where can we create a (stakin) account?
Is it true that (stakin) is Easy, simple and useful?

Is as easy as 1 2 3
You can use any wallet that supports staking and delegate with us in a few clicks

Is there a big competition between validators ? I mean, is there a spot for the new one?

What can I say, its definitely competitive however, some networks are expanding their validator set so more validators can be in the active set

Trust and security is the main concern for investors so, will you please tell me How Your Project give high security to the assets of investors?

We are non custodial, we dont have access to your assets, so is up to you how you secure your wallet

Most of the new investors, only focus on the price of the token, and the short term benefits of the project rather than understanding the true value of the project. Can you tell us about the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your tokens long term?

This is a great question,
After a time in crypto, you realize is not about the money, is about what people can do with crypto,
Find projects like Akash, projects with a mission and good utility and you would be safe long term, NFA tho

Without sufficient funds, each project cannot carry out its construction properly. For me the main priority is to have sufficient funds to run a project. Is your team financially able to carry out this project? How does this project generate revenue for the project & users?

Our revenue comes out of the rewards generated, each month we review our numbers and see what networks make sense to operate and what doesnt, also we play around with our commision rate to make sure we find the perfect balance between rewarding our delegators and getting paid

As a beginner I want to ask about the term What is Proof-of-Stake?

We have a video for that on our youtube, check it out

What should a delegator know and pay attention to to choose a reliable validator? What kind of validator should be avoided?

This is important question thanks

We have an article on how to select a validator, some things to consider are validators uptime, make sure is non custodial, contributes to the network and more

How can you insure that our founds are safe?

Hi Nice boy!! thanks for asking,

We are non custodial validator, so we dont have access to your funds

security depends on YOU. However, we do have educational resources on security that anyone can benefit from

Does each Proof-of-Stake protocol have a different inflation rate?

Yes, its up to each protocol to set their parameters on how inflation will work or adjust

There is fierce competition in the finance industry. Obviously, there are other projects that look like you. How will Stakin deal with its rivals? Do you have details to guide users to you?

Our rivals are friends, we contribute with them securing the networks we operate

I believe what sets us apart and the reason people choose Stakin is that we are very committed to our networks and help our delegators in the best way possible

thank you all for your questions wish I could respond to all

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Thank you for having us!