Meet The Validators AMA Series - Bliss Dynamics(Recap)

Let’s start with my Intro questions so our community know that we have validators all over the world )

Tell us more about yourself and the team behind Bliss Dynamics?

Hi everyone, I’m Kamuel Bob. I’m an Aerospace Engineer who has worked in a number of different industries and have always been curious about cutting edge technologies and how they work. After getting involved in crypto during the 2017 bull market, I became deeply troubled by the surely unnecessary environmental impact of proof of work blockchains and began searching for better alternatives.
By around April 2018, I came across Cosmos and as there was no token to ape into yet :sweat_smile:, I took a technical interest in the technology and started joining the testnets as a validator amongst a pretty talented community. Without much background in software development, I picked up the process of running a validator well over the next 6 months and proceeded to place in the top 29 “never jailed” validators out of hundreds of entrants in the coveted Game of Stakes.
The Cosmos Hub launched in April 2019 and I elected not to launch a validator as I didn’t feel prepared enough to perform to my own very high standards, but since then Bliss Dynamics has grown to our current state, successfully validating on 3 blockchains without any downtime slashing and performing some consulting on the side. I perform most of our duties with some help from Billy, my business partner, from time to time.

So you are like a team of 2 people now right?

Yes, that’s correct.
We’re a pretty small outfit compared to some of the big players that’s for sure.

It’s not about quantity, it’s always about quality :slightly_smiling_face:
So what’s the story, how did Bliss Dynamics was created and is being a validator is still worth the efforts in the bear market?

The company was created as a vehicle to validate on Cosmos blockchains around the launch of the Cosmos Hub in early 2019, but I’d been using the name since early 2018 when I was validating on the Gaia Cosmos blockchains.
Times are tough for everyone in the bear market, including many validators. I work full time as an engineer and enhance and improve Bliss Dynamics services on the side, so don’t need to put food on the table with it luckily.
It’s definitely still worth it, this is an incredible ecosystem and it’s been a pleasure to help so many newcomers enter.

What projects are you validating, and how are you contributing to them by being a validator?

We validate on e-Money, Akash, Chihuahua and recently briefly on Teritori before we fell out of the active set and took the tough decision to decommission our validator.
To us, the most important thing in a project is the community. We initially became involved with Akash because it was bringing an influx of new users to the Cosmos community and many had no idea how to buy tokens or stake so I spent a lot of time in this very Telegram channel helping people to stake and understand what they were doing.
Back in the day when it was possible to know all of the projects in Cosmos closely, Akash was gaining a lot of outside adoption so that’s where I applied my time, and that’s what I like to contribute most to a project, the community.

This is really great

Eventually, like children I guess, project communities grow up and become self sustainable so I’ve spent a little less time in the Telegram recently however I still pop in during the daytime hours in Australia to delete spam! :sweat_smile:
I am an Akash Insider however and have remained quite active in the technical community on the discord particularly around governance.
We proposed Akash Proposal #7 to increase the validator set for the first time

I hope we will be able to make an offline Akash meeting in Australia when bull market comes )

Yes please! Everyone’s welcome!

Ok, moving on
What’s behind the name of Bliss Dynamics? And do you plan to launch your own project on Cosmos?

Blockchain is a Dynamic industry, and it can be pretty stressful at times, so as a delegator to be able to delegate with Bliss, that would be a service I would want!
Haha to be honest we’re working on a rebranding but I can’t say anything at this point… :zipper_mouth_face:

:slightly_smiling_face: oh…something is coming guys! Stay tuned for news from Bliss Dynamics
Ok, moving on!

What’s in the pipeline for the next quarter? What news and insights you can share with us?

We have done some consulting for a number of parties wanting to deliver Cosmos SDK based blockchains so it’s been rewarding to see the development of projects like that, and yes we are also in early talks for a very interesting project that I may choose to finally take the leap and become a full time blockchain engineer for, but again it’s too early to give away anything unfortunately :wink:
That’s the end goal! But yes we all have our own journey to get there.

This is the start!
I hope you will get there guys !

In the next quarter:
There are one or two blockchains launching which we plan to validate from genesis, a first for us! That’s pretty big because we don’t just validate as many chains as possible as we like to align with the utility of the project and the community as much as we can when we join.
I guess it represents a 67% growth in the number of chains we validate. But we’re ready.
And I think I’ve dropped enough news already there… :sweat_smile:

That’s for sure! Thank you for that Bob

Now let’s move to part 2 of our AMA :
Questions from the community

I read that Bliss Dynamic has been developed since 2018, does that mean that all the planned products have already been developed and are currently operating? Or do you still need to complete many milestones and develop more products? If so, when do you estimate that the Bliss Dynamics services will be fully operational?

We will always be developing. The moment we launched our first validator we were as developed as we needed to be to protect delegator funds, but we will always be looking for ways to improve our low fee/high uptime model.

Why should we choose Bliss Dynamics for delegating our AKT ? Can you give us some reason as why it is better to stake our AKT with Bliss Dynamics, what are your advantages ?
What is the commission charged for delegating AKT ?

Our commission is currently 1.5% and no plan to change it any time soon. Our low fee/high uptime model is designed end to end as a safe and secure system with a low cost that we can pass on the savings to the delegators, without the frills and complexities of some of the bigger validators that have from time to time gotten them into trouble. We are still yet to have any downtime slashing (or double sign of course) for years!

You mentioned that community as the most important thing to Bliss Dynamics. Would you elaborate on how the community can engage directly with Bliss Dynamics? Does Dynamics have a special procedure for the community to come in and provide their feedback or some ideas? Does Bliss Dynamics also have its own mechanism as standard before receiving all input and considering it?

We have a Telegram channel (it’s very quiet in there lately) where anyone can come for support and our DMs are always open. We have helped numerous users with issues get to the bottom things and devote as much time as possible to this. We have no special procedure, and if we can’t help you I’ll probably be able to point you to someone who can.

Do you validate only on one machine for every projects? What specs your hardware have?

No, we operate sentry nodes on all blockchains protecting the validator node from the outside world. Each blockchain has different spec requirements to run smoothly and we often adapt to the changing conditions to be able to run an efficient operation. Just last month we made a number of improvements to reduce some of our costs without any impact on uptime or of course security to avoid having to put our commission up at all.

What’s the most challenging for Bliss Dynamics as a professional validator in Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies?

The most challenging thing is being involved in the community as much as possible. It used to be possible to know everything happening in the Cosmos but now the ecosystem (luckily I guess) is way too big for that. Choosing where to spend effectively!

What safety and security measures does Bliss Dynamics have in place to ensure 24/7 operations? Are you professional and well prepared for this?

Yes, we have custom monitoring and alerting processes which ensure that if we have any outage, we can recover before any slashing and so far this process has been 100% successful through only a handful of small outages. :slightly_smiling_face:

Akash Network currently has over 100 validators. As $AKT token holders, why should we consider Bliss Dynamics as one of the best options to delegate? Any features that other validators don’t have?

Most of our loyal delegators are people who we’ve helped through an issue or who’ve come to know us and our capabilities through interactions together. Having been doing this for so many years, we’re very comfortable with doing a robust job validating and the more we can satisfy people that we are able to do that, the more confident they can be to delegate and forget, especially since our commission on Akash can never be raised above 5% (permanently hardcoded).

I noticed that Bliss Dynamics is one of the Akash Network validators that charges the least amount of fees, how did you manage to optimize the process to charge only 1.5%?

We used to have a dream of “don’t trust, verify” and hold all the history of the blockchains that we validate on, but it’s become increasingly clear that this isn’t sustainable for a validator, and there are entities that do hold this history that we trust. We validate with all of the important features and none of the frills. Simple stake and forget operations.

I read that Bliss Dynamics will offer blockchain consulting services to launch your own token or guide you on how to best integrate blockchain into your business operations, but is this really just for inexperienced developers? Or will even the experts require your consulting services? And also the cost of the service will be minimal?

Yes, software developers who don’t know anything about blockchain or about the Cosmos Ecosystem have much to learn about the intricacies of the Cosmos SDK and the latest news and bugs. This is where we provide the most value but to be honest I’ve almost seen it all over the last 4 and a half years so we’d be able to deliver a pretty decent package to almost anyone.

Is your project only for a english speaking countries? Are you a global project or not and do you have any discord community and local chats community?

We are happy to help anyone. I speak some German and a little Chinese as well but definitely recommend English if you want any real help! :sweat_smile:

What made you choose to become an Akash Network validator? What heights do you expect Akash Network to conquer in the 3-4 years?

I was involved in the Akash community for 7 months before we launched our Akash validator and I love this community. Passionate, strong, always seeking more! I definitely think there’s a big future for Akash with all of the features on the roadmap yet to come. I trust the core Akash team to deliver and in time create a product that is technically within reach of mass adoption!

Please tell us about your governance methodology, I learned that Bliss Dynamics participate in Cosmo ecosystem governance, do you take community feedback for it ?

We take governance very seriously, although we don’t validate on the Cosmos Hub, we still vote on the proposals and seek the best for the ecosystem. We definitely take feedback and are always open to understanding another point of view. In fact, search back in the governance page of the Akash Discord and I’m pretty sure you’ll see me asking the most questions about due diligence on the proposals to understand them better. For example, there is a proposal up right now which was not raised on the Forum or the Discord first for discussion so we are yet to understand the full implications of it and which way we will vote.
We used to tweet about all of our votes and have a page on the website with the rationale, but we elected to focus our time on other things as the delegators who came to know us learnt to trust our thought process and of course we are always willing to discuss if someone has another point of view.

Bliss Dynamics is a real and legal company? How can we be sure that we are delegating to a reliable company? How many projects use this infrastructure as a validator apart from Akash Network?

Yes we are a legal company in Australia. You can search for us or contact directly and we can send a link. I’m happy to talk more to convince people of our experience and capability, but we hope that our integrity comes out in the way that we operate within the community and people can learn that we set the highest standards for ourselves so they can feel comfortable staking with us. We validate on a total of 3 blockchains currently.

What is your favourite part about building on top of Cosmos? Have you ever taken into account any other blockchain and why have you decided to stay on cosmos?

I love the inclusive open technology first approach of Cosmos. It gets pretty chaotic at times with the DPS hitting the limiter but this is a result of the passionate communities striving for more. I have reviewed a number of other blockchain technologies and maybe with some more time there might be one or two that would be good to get stuck into, but there’s just too much in the Cosmos Ecosystem to be able to. To be honest there’s enough innovation and projects that I want to do on the Akash ecosystem alone to keep one busy for a very long time.

You point out that today we will be able to generate income by becoming validators, but could you really tell us how I can participate as a validator? Will I have to fill out some form with personal information, buy some specific equipment and stake large amounts of native tokens?

To be honest I don’t recommend it. It is very tough to turn a profit validating as a solo exercise. Good reasons to validate are either as a marketing exercise for your main project (e.g. Cosmostation, etc.) or to do side projects as marketing for your validator. I love the challenge of designing an end to end system that performs just right amongst all of the constraints of the blockchain, and the income is just a bonus. Having said that, if you are still interested in getting involved, reach out and I’d be happy to help.

Regarding security vulnerabilities, has Bliss Dynamics implemented the fix on all services?

Yes, we were some of the first to upgrade the Dragonberry update to plug that security issue about a month ago. The alert came in at about 4am and we upgraded then and there.

I read that we will be able to delegate with Bliss Dynamics and its innovative low cost/high uptime delivery model to maximize your profits, but how much profit would you really maximize by delegating to Bliss compared to delegating to other projects? Is the difference really significant?

There are a lot of good validators on Akash. I can’t vouch for them all because I don’t know all of them, and our challenge is to communicate to the delegators who we are and why they should trust us with their delegations (which is why I’m so grateful to have this opportunity), because a validator can be great until that day when they’re slashed. We wrote a little piece about some things to think about before delegating which may provide some more assistance: How to check the technical competence of a validator | by Bliss Dynamics | Medium

Are you looking to decentralized your nodes with cloud solutions in crypto? i’m not talking about Akash, but maybe some other solutions?

It’s on our roadmap to decentralise our nodes on Akash actually. As with anything on our validator operations, we want to do it without risking our performance so it will take time to get right.

Are you related to loop in any way, I ask because of the logo?

No relation. :grin:

That’s all I can cover tonight unfortunately, thanks everyone for the great questions! If I haven’t answered yours then feel free to send it in DM and I’ll get to it. We’re open and transparent and happy to help where we can!
May the December gods bring us crypto luck for the Holiday period!

This was super awesome ! Thank you Bob!