Meet the Validator series - Stakewolle

Glad you had the time, to share your story… so let’s start from the beginning
1. Tell us more about yourself and the team behind Stakewolle?

Stakewolle validator was founded in November 2020 with a group of IT specialists. We were building infrastructure projects for traditional WEB2 stack before we recognized perspectives of the blockchain industry and Cosmos ecosystem in particular.

Guy from web2 coming to web3 ! i always thought there is a gap in this direction. Between web2 and web 3
So what’s the story, how did you decide to become a validator, and does being a validator is still worth the efforts in the bear market?

Yes, it wasn’t easy :blush:
The main idea of launching the validator was the possibility of maintaining and being part of perspectives blockchain projects, as well as attracting new people to the community by our validators activities: videos, articles, development and so on.
We were motivated by the desire to enable any interested person to manage the network and help in its development by delegating and participating in offers, as well as receiving rewards for it!
And yes, it is always worth the effort – we are building the future.

But are you still motivated during the bear market? Some validators says it’s hard to build, when you don’t get much income from nodes

We started to be even more active. The bear market will not last forever, but WEB3 will :wink:

Sounds great to me !
Moving on - What projects are you validating, and how are you contributing to them by being a validator?

Our first supported network was the Secret Network. And for now, Stakewolle supports 45 cosmos networks (Akash, Cosmos, Osmosis, and more).
We decided that just being validators as a technical provider was not enough and we needed to do something more, so we started producing and distributing educational materials, we see a lack of it in crypto.
In addition, we are implementing technical developments, beginning to participate in testnets, and actively participating in the development of networks that we validate.
Also we have some developments: You can check our Validator status bot (Telegram: Contact @StatusValidatorBot) which notifies you about the jailing or inactivation of your validator. And we have ambitions for the future development of the entire web 3.0 space: We created a cosmos telegram wallet Telegram: Contact @stakewolleWallet_bot which you can use as an explorer right now.

Wow, this is great! going to check the bots after the AMA, thnx for sharing !
The most common question i ask is: What are the benefits in staking with Stakewolle Validator?

Our uptime is 99%+, nevertheless, we have slash insurance which you can check here (Telegram: Contact @stakewolle) . And we try to improve the staking experience in general by doing our tracking solutions, like our @StatusValidatorBot, using it you can prevent losing your funds by slashing your validator. And more, we try not only to validate blockchain projects but also to use them and share our experience about that, for example, our website is Built on Akash and we do like it.
By the way, if you want to move your infrastructure to Akash, we can help you with our guides and solutions, two weeks ago we implement a balancer solution, to get 99,99…% uptime of our website and apps deployed on Akash.
Delegating to Stakewolle, you support us in this decent work.

Oh wow, didn’t know that, this sound really awesome !
You are doing a remarkable job !
Now, last question from me: What’s in the pipeline for the next quarter?

So, we plan to:

  • Finish the beta version of the @stakewolleWallet_bot and add new functions.
  • Improve the functionality of our @StatusValidatorBot. (We will notify you before your validator will be slashed, to give you time to redelegate your funds to another validator)
  • Rebranding and redesigning our Validator
  • Making more Interviews with networks, and tutorials for newcomers in crypto
  • Continue to create Giveaways and Airdrops for our delegators.
  • Publishing our live Grafana, to help you in checking our uptime online.
  • Publishing our private RPC endpoints for other validators and developers.

**We have seen that **
Liquidity has become an integral part of many ecosystems. Many projects experience liquidity problems. What liquidity system will your #STAKEWOLLE use?

It’s important for DEXes and exchangers. It is not a problem for us

What is the most ambitious goal of your project? What is the main vision that your project wants to achieve in the market cap market? I would appreciate it if you could share with us upcoming updates?

We want to help projects which we validate achieve their market cap goals, for us as a validator, this purpose is not relevant.

Regarding Stake Wolle validator mission.
How many more networks will Stake Wolle target next? Are there special selections and considerations for delegating a project?

All time we do our research job, to validate and help best blockchain projects. In coming months we want to start validate not only Cosmos blockchains, but others too, like Near/Solana/Tezos…

Revenue or profit is very important for a project and it is also the experienced team and great community that make the project successful in the future. What I want to ask… How about your income from starting to build the project until now? Does it keep increasing? And what about your team or community? Is it well woven?
Do you provide multilingual support to reach non-English speaking communities?

Because we do not only tech staff related to validating, we do monitoring systems and solutions for delegators, like our telegram bots, our costs is equal to our income, delegating to us you support our job, we will make more tutorials, promotion of networks, development.
Yeah, we have started multilingual support. We started to publish the most interesting articles in Italian, very soon we plan to publish some German materials. Keep an eye on our Medium publication (Stakewolle – Medium).
Soon we will expand our supported languages.

I read StakeWolle offer educational services. Can you tell us about it? What other value added services do you offer, besides being a validator, that can benefit users?

Yeah, we provide Youtube education videos about staking, POS, airdrops. How you can use blockchain project as a product, not only as a coin, you can check all of them here

Is it worth running validator nodes in projects where it is enough to buy 1000 dollars worth of tokens to get into the active set?

Yes, not as an income from that, but as a your impact into a project which you really believe. And sure, if you can bring more value in this network , people will delegate to you, and so you will earn.

Apart from having strong project team, VCs play key role in expediting the success of a project. Can you tell us some of your important backers or VCs?

All costs are covered by our team, no additional funding yet. And we think it is great, because all of our job and decisions in proposals are our own.

**I understand that Stake Wolle has cool ambassador and worked hard for marketing side. **
Is Stake Wolle still open for additional ambassador positions?

Sure, feel free to message me

What is the maximum loss that can be covered by slash insurance? Will you increase the commission if the staking rewards or token price decreases?

  • 300k$ right now, but this amount is increasing everyday.
  • No, we will not increase that because of the token price decrease.

How are you spreading the educational materials? how are you sure that people read them?

We do it by our social media like All links are here (stakewolle | Twitter, Instagram, TikTok | Linktree)+ Our ambassadors are helping us in distributing them.

You have an ambassador program? Can you share the link?

We usually pick them ourselves and offer the program. Akash subscribers can send me a DM to discuss the program :smirk:

This is actually super awesome, i haven’t heard about validators having the ambassador program ! Nice job, guys !

There is still a lot of skepticism around the potential of Web 3 and the metaverse - Can you tell us, based on your knowledge and experience, what are the opportunities it offers to the fashion community ?

We think, that Metaverse can expand current experience in many areas, for example zoom calls, you can make your calls more interactive by using meta world. Fashion community has the same situation, you can bring designers into games and wear Nike shoes playing Dota, that’s awesome.

What tools do you use for monitoring your validators? Is it custom build or public software?

Both. We use custom Grafana dashboards, zabbix general monitoring and some custom made solutions which we public in open source and with some of them we made telegram bots like our @StatusValidatorBot
Moreover, we developed a notification system that tells us everything about nodes and servers.

Wow, this was really informative. Thank you, @Timahovich, for your time, and for sharing with us your story and knowledge🤝

Thank you for having us!

P.S. If you still have any questions, you can come to our Twitter Space tomorrow