Keplr Wallet Guide : Complete

Hi, here is my “Guide to Using KEPLR for AKASH”.

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Thanks @figurestudios I approved and merged your PR. I’ll send you some AKT as a thank you for fixing my work.

I made a list of all the guides from this challenge here:
@amrosa Guide | Video
@figurestudios Guide | Video
@bitcoinappdev Video
@blockpilld Guide
@developer-piyush Guide
@Vladimir_Makarevich Guide

Maybe we should have awards for best guide and best video?

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Looks great, @colinpollen!

We have unique details covered by more than one entrant, so yes, maybe multiple prizes makes sense!

For example, the concept of my guide’s enthusiastic tone and attractive explainer video format plus @figurestudios details about Brave browser and multiple funding options could be combined into the most useful finished guide.

I also submitted a written guide draft in the post which links to the video. There are also some additional remarks including rationale for keeping the guide focused on Keplr wallet setup.

Here’s a link to the post: Create a Keplr Wallet Guide, Win AKT! - #17 by bitcoinappdev

Because @Adam_Akash mentioned that the team would be creating graphics, I did not include them out of respect for that workflow preference. In case it’s helpful, taking still frames from my video and inserting them at the appropriate points in the written guide would be trivially easy.

Also because the winning submission will be published on the Akash blog, I did not publish my submission on a separate website. But the guide draft is there in my forum post :slight_smile:

It would be a delight to win AKT and contribute to the ecosystem!


Thanks! You can send it here unless you found another one of my addresses already (there’s no notifications on transactions :sweat_smile:): akash1nzakpmfj3wf6lde9z0mq2z6llscr0n255cdc0s

Best guide and best video sounds like a great idea. Just don’t forget that I also had an additional deployment guide if deploying is a bonus for this submission! =)

:wave: Hey all!

Thank you for your submissions! The level of expertise in these guides is really incredible! We’ll be reviewing the guides and videos over the next few days and announce the winner here soon. If we have questions, we’ll reach out to you individually.

Thanks again and stay tuned! :star:


:partying_face: After much review and voting by the Akash team, we’d like to announce @amrosa the winner of the Keplr Wallet deployment guide challenge! Congratulations!

It wasn’t an easy choice with so many fantastic guides created, but @amrosa’s stood out as a great resources for new developers looking to better understand how to deploy on Akash.

Great work @amrosa and to all participants! :clap: :clap: :clap:


Congrats @amrosa ! Let’s do more of these!


Congrats @amrosa ! Looking forward to more great guides!



nice guide
:wink: :grin: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :wink: :kissing_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


有机会拿到AKT吗!准备好了喔,相信很快就到了! :blush:

It so easy to create a keplr wallet on google extension,only need gmail and remember it hardly

I use The Akt server for mining

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There is only one winner, right? I think my work can’t win

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That’s true. @amrosa was the winner for this guide bounty :slight_smile:

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