Joining the ranks of the Akash provider community!

Hi all!
We’re the Pacific NW Rural Broadband Alliance, a non-profit that works with providing under-served and un-connected communities with fast and affordable locally powered, owned, and operated broadband services via blockchain-based decentralized infrastructure.
So why are we also investing in being an akash provider?
Getting communities modern broadband connectivity is only half of our mission, and the starting point for getting communities connected to the wider internet. The other half of our organization is leading in the advocacy, awareness, education, and adoption of decentralized infrastructure technologies.
Our goal is to first show people the practical applications of blockchain technology through providing them fast and affordable, locally powered broadband, and from that point of connectivity and initial experience with blockchain technology to then help further adoption of other blockchain-based decentralized infrastructure and web3 applications – like decentralized VPN’s, decentralized storage, and of course decentralized cloud!
To this end we have just launched our first data-center hosted provider as part of our initial evaluation of akash and participation in the community, so that we can soon help lead that awareness, education, and adoption for our customers that we help facilitate with modern internet connectivity through which they can then leverage these incredible decentralized infrastructure and web3 technologies that are currently being developed.
If you would like to know more about our organization you can visit our website here:
If you would like to check out our provider information and uptime statistics you can view it here:

We look forward to be an increasingly participator in the akash community as the project continues to develops!