Join the Gitcoin Grants Round 11 Hackathon

Gitcoin Grants Round 11 Hackathon

Dates: September 8-29, 2021

Prizes: (link)

  • Awesome-Akash Challenge: 1000 AKT
  • Minecraft Challenge: 1000 AKT
  • Solana Challenge: 1000 AKT
  • Discourse on Akash: 1000 AKT
  • Radicle Challenge: 1000 AKT

Akash Resources

Registration Process:

  1. Introduce yourself and your idea with a post on the Akash Gitcoin Forum
  2. Add your Akash address in your profile to receive $100 in initial funding for your idea.
  3. Join the Discord server and send a hello world! in the #gitcoin channel.
  4. Register for a free account with Radicle:
  5. Register for a free 5GB storage account: Filebase | S3 Compatible Object Storage Powered by Blockchain and use code HACKATHON to upgrade and receive 1 TB of free object storage for 2 months.

Submission Process

Write a post detailing your work on the Akash forum. This post should include:

  • Project name and a list of team members
  • A description of your project
  • Optional demo video
  • Access to your working demo or Github code repository.

Hi everyone,
I would like to attempt the Minecraft Challenge.
I have deep knowledge of Docker. While I like video games, I have not played Minecraft before. So I thought it would be cool to tackle this one.


Submitting my application for the Awesome-Akash Challenge.


Hey all , I would like to attempt Awesome-Akash challenge. I want to deploy frontend-apps on akash-network and write a guide about it.

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  • Project Title: Jekyll Awesome-Akash Project
  • Problem Statement: Jekyll is a static site generator with built-in support for GitHub Pages .It is on of the widely preferred alternatives to wordpress. I believe this would be a great contribution to akash-network because it helps users / team host their own jekyll instance and use it for building static websites.
  • Goals: Deploy Jekyll docker image to akash-network
  • Impact: An amazing contribution to Awesome-akash repo
  • Budget: As much needed to deploy to mainnet funds. about $100 - $200 for testing and deploying.
  • Timeline: Within a week from now. before Gitcoin hackathon 11 ends.
  • Team: No , I can do this on my own.
  • Reporting: I will report about this on discord. Will create a thread for this.
  • Design: This project doesn’t require mockups.

Address for funds : akash16fnd6mt3zre40mzgrrvz4d4dsgdl8qwy4c5v8z

I would like to build scalable solana rpc cluster in akash network. This is to paticipate in solana challenge.

Akash address: akash10kejjcmsxv5ay55uy0wknce7uggpzhn9qxh4vz

I submitted my project named Anubis for the Radicle challenge - see the full forum thread or documentation on Github: GitHub - slowriot/anubis: Git-based webpages for Akash and Radicle

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