JAN 2022 CAB Meeting Minutes + Video

New CAB Board reconstituted for 2022.

New rules were adopted and ratified (see attached document and video link)

New members were voted-in for 2022

The structure as communicated earlier was ratified and enacted going forward for 2022

The CAB for 2022 consists of the following members;

  1. Anthony Rosa
  2. Chalabi
  3. Ethan Kravitz
  4. Maxim
  5. Spacepotahto
  6. Tom Beynon

MOONBY’s had a demo session, with questions from the CAB. Voting and decision will be communicated in the coming week.

The video recording started late (about 25 minutes into the call), but covered the pertinent items.

Meeting Video Link



You reviewing the project proposal of September, is it not taking too much time to review projects because there are too many proposal on the forum.

The CAB’s time has to be optimized, simply submitting a project proposal does not guarantee funding or movement past an initial review. Not every project will qualify. The CAB only votes on vetted projects. Submitting a project proposal also requires curation and follow through to ensure your submission does not fall into the mix of the multitude of projects submitted. This is why active engagement in the forum and other channels (Discord, Telegram etc) is advised.
The project reviewed above (from September as you mentioned) went through multiple changes, updates, and recommendations, hence being invited to present for further review. This is the responsibility of the project owner / submitter.
There are many submission in the forum, and those who follow the established framework as aforementioned generally progress through the stages.