Invalid rpc json on Sentry

Describe the issue:

Jul 22 04:07:34 hermes-ibc-relayer01 hermes[703]: Jul 22 04:07:34.671 ERROR [cosmoshub-4:transfer/channel-97 → akashnet-2] worker: schedule execution encountered error: failed during query to chain id akashnet-2 with underlying error: RPC error to endpoint Parse error. Invalid JSON: expected value at line 1 column 1 (code: -32700) path=packet::channel-97/transfer:cosmoshub-4->akashnet-2

I also get these error from PANIC ALERTER also

Akash Version: v0.12.1

I have restarted the node and it still gets this error.

I also have a git issue open with the Hermes team.

@SkyNet_Asgard Is this an issue with Hermes or Akash?

I think it is Akash because I see the same sort or error with Panic Alerter.

Node monitor (SkyNet_Osmosis_Sentry-01) terminated due to exception: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)

Hermes and Panic Alerter are accessing RPC 26657.

@colin.lowenberg Panic Alert is now firing off hundreds of these errors. At some point it will just stop. This happens several times a day.

@SkyNet_Asgard I think you need to increase the verbose log level to see the request itself, or the data returned after the request

All, I have to apologize. I figured out what is happening. I have this Akash Sentry configured to create a daily sanpshot. I need to disable that our point to a sentry without the snapshots enable.