Insufficient fees

**Describe the issue **: When trying to create my certificate, I get this error.
{“height”:“0”,“txhash”:“FB0397A842B9336154409BC691EB6F721655FB2D56ADBA8735DAEE8F1EC663F6”,“codespace”:“sdk”,“code”:13,“data”:"",“raw_log”:“insufficient fees; got: required: 5000uakt: insufficient fee”,“logs”:,“info”:"",“gas_wanted”:“200000”,“gas_used”:“0”,“tx”:null,“timestamp”:""}

**Account address **:

**Deployment sequence **: I am here in the setup, where I am getting stuck…

**Your deploy.yaml file **:

**Do you have more than one deployment group? **:

**Group sequence **:

Is this specific to a provider?:

Provider address :
When running, akash query bank balances --node $AKASH_NODE $AKASH_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS
It shows that I have:

  • amount: “19347682”
    denom: uakt
    next_key: null
    total: “0”

Hey terryj72 -

What command syntax are you using when attempting to create the cert? It would appear - based on the output - that you may be using the --fees=“5000uakt” switch. Is that correct?

If so - please try the following command syntax to attempt to create the cert. Instead of specifying a hardcoded fee this command will adjust the gas to that which is necessary (minimum amount needed) and depending on the current state of the network.

akash tx cert create client --chain-id $AKASH_CHAIN_ID --keyring-backend $AKASH_KEYRING_BACKEND --from $AKASH_KEY_NAME --node $AKASH_NODE --gas-prices=“0.025uakt” --gas=“auto” --gas-adjustment=1.15

This is the command that I acutally used first, that did not work…

I did also try the other,

Neither worked…

Would you be able to try the gas=“auto” command version again this morning and let me know if you still encounter issues? Or have you already done so?

It is possible that the network was extremely congested - does not occur frequently - during your initial attempts and would be cleared at this point. I have had no issues getting transactions thru this morning.

ok, cert finally went through.
now i can’t tell if i am mining or not…i went through the rest of the steps, using this guide, “Part 7. Create your Deployment - Akash Guidebook

Great to hear that your deployment was created successfully and you are beyond any challenges in those realms.

Are you a Discord user? I ask because we have great miner specific channels on our Discord server. Including below a link to our Discord server. There you will find miner specific channels under the “FEATURED” section including - “mining” (general miner discussions) and other specific channels for PKT, Chia, and Raptoreum.

Believe these Discord channels would be the best place to inquire into the status of mining operations in your deployment. Would that work for you?

Yes, I forgot about the Discord channel. I will definitely head over there and ask some questions. Thanks again for you help!