IBC Transfer gone wrong

I start by apologizing if this topic has been discussed already and/or is not posted in the right place… newbie here, even so about AKASH and Cosmos hub, despite being a software engineer.

My issue is that I transferred a very small amount of AKT from Osmosis to Akash via IBC thinking the receiving wallet [Kraken custodial] was as good as any.
I then realise IBC is not just a transfer protocol, but rather some kinda layer, given that Kraken is adamant they cannot access the funds unless on the Akash network, and I don’t understand how this is even possible when mintscan is not giving me a different tool to scan IBC from non IBC addresses/

Whilst this is a small price to pay for the learning curve, and likely not the last time either, I would like to ask the community to address my understanding of the issue and if there are any tools that can be used here to move or bridge the deposit from an IBC Akash address to the parallel Akash network address.

  • Sender [osmo1s56r95n6k29hgg0k7k3xl99t0aegtqjqrdk37e]
  • Receiver [akash1jphryl43l3hhxnqv2377hez7wteak950hlrfvq]

OSMOSIS Tx E10F914F26E20C7597549671BC982706AC1CCD64F803DC49E79A1ED6CC8F61B0 (mintscan.io)

AKASH Account - akash1jphryl43l3hhxnqv2377hez7wteak950hlrfvq (mintscan.io)

Thank you for the support.

Hello itsonlymarco -

Would you happen to be a Discord user as well? If so - could you reach out to me on Discord at ScottCarruthers#8207 ?

Would like to discuss this IBC transfer issue with you further and would be easier to have live back in forth in Discord if possible.


Done and thank you

Kind regards,

Thanks itsonlymarco. Will continue convo on Discord.