I not receive faucet

**Describe the issue **:
Hi I did not receive 20AKT From the faucet
**Account address **:

Hello -

The online faucet is currently down as we enact additional security checks to prevent fraud.

We are able to provide tokens manually for deployments purposes and getting started with Akash deployments. Did you need tokens for deployments use? If so - please send me a direct message in Discord:


Isn’t it too late? Testnet airdrop still alive? Sorry, waiting for the faucet that didn’t come, I thought the testnet airdrop was over

Pada tanggal Jum, 18 Mar 2022 21.39, chainzero via Akash Community <akash1@discoursemail.com> menulis:

Did you register for Testnet? Not too late. And you can initiate Testnet registration via:

If you have already registered and just need Testnet tokens - post your testnet address in the Discord testnet-faucet-requests channel.

Ok thank you sir, I will try again

Pada tanggal Jum, 18 Mar 2022 23.39, chainzero via Akash Community <akash1@discoursemail.com> menulis: