How to handle secrets

Hi there, I’ve been reading about Akash since last night and I’m interested in using it for a specific image I have some experience deploying. However, I need to pass it a single plaintext password somehow. Is there a simple way to pass a single secret? I don’t want to put it in plaintext in the manifest, and I don’t want to have to spin up an entire secret manager for a single item.

Hello @sitful-hatred -

Akash does not currently have a secrets management engine. If a secret is needed and it can/should not be revealed in the SDL/manifest, the secret must be passed over the network using a customized solution (I.e. Hashicorp Vault).

Understand that this is not ideal in your circumstance and you would rather avoid spinning up a secret manager. But there is no other available option at this time.

Akash secrets management is a very frequent request from the community and it is on the roadmap but not available today.