HNSSearch – A search engine for the dweb

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HNSSearch is a search engine that indexes websites that use domains that are registered on the Handshake Blockchain. The backend is hosted on Akash whereas the frontend is hosted on Sia Skynet.

HNSSearch is currently in an open beta and can be reached with the URL http://hnssearch/ or http://hnssearch./ if you are using a Handshake resolver. If you are not using any resolver, you can use our mirror

For the beta, the core search engine (powered by Meilisearch) is already deployed on Akash and the crawler will follow upon the release on the 25th of October. Our crawler LINDA (Living Indexer Navigating Decentralized Assets) is our workhorse that gathers and processes all the data displayed on the website. Once she is deployed on Akash, she will continuously scan the new internet for changes, new websites and content and will process the data found accordingly.

HNSSearch offers search shortcuts that can be used by entering the shortcut followed by a space and the search query (for example !ak deploy). By then pressing enter, the search query will be sent to the desired website and a new tab opens. For Akash we implemented the shortcut “!ak” which searched this forum directly. This shortcut will be live from the 3rd of October.

The 25th of October is not only the release of the website but also the day where all code of HNSSearch will be open sourced.

HNSSearch is proudly powered by Akash. :blush:

Who will use this?
Anyone that wished to search websites that are resolving on the new internet (with Handshake domain names)

So far only myself


HNSSearch · GitHub (will be public from the 25th of October)

Visit the website and search for anything you would like to find. :blush:

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