High quality, quota hassle free, cheap, residential rotating ip address

Project Title: Built-in VPN

Problem Statement: Renting a free ip address that can be used specifically for social media marketing. We can call it a kind of VPN. But of course much better quality and lower cost. Also a solution to low bandwidth and low gb quota.

Goals: High quality rotating ip address, low cost

Impact: Voluntary IP addresses and low-cost solutions instead of the need for high-cost VPN.

Budget: Başlangıç olarak sadece akash test maliyetleri ve giderleri. Ortalama 5000$ akash. Ancak öncelikli olarak uyglulamalar için kesinlikle 200$ akash.

Timeline: 1 Month Trial and Continuing 4 Months Construction

Team: For now, no. However, it may be required.

Reporting: Weekly email if I can. Monthly general report.

Design: None

Hello, I liked your idea, I would like to help you with the design.

Thank you for your support. Let’s see if there is support for the project, I will be happy to work.

Hello, your idea sounds interesting. Let us know when you have a working Alpha / Beta version and we will be happy to have you present to the CAB.