Help Starting Provider

So i’m on the last step to get the provider started.

akash provider run --home $AKASH_HOME --chain-id $AKASH_CHAIN_ID --node $AKASH_NODE --keyring-backend=test --from $AKASH_PROVIDER_KEY --fees 5000uakt --kubeconfig $KUBECONFIG --cluster-k8s true --deployment-ingress-domain $PROVIDER_DOMAIN --deployment-ingress-static-hosts true --cluster-public-hostname _optional_ --bid-price-strategy scale --bid-price-cpu-scale 500

I input the above command and receive the following error

Error: The specified item could not be found in the keyring

please help me.

what is your $AKASH_PROVIDER_KEY?

Can you run the following?

akash keys list --keyring-backend test --from $AKASH_PROVIDER_KEY


when i run

mr5610@mynode:~$ akash keys list --keyring-backend test --from $AKASH_PROVIDER_KEY

i get

Error: unknown flag: --from

If i just do

akash keys list --keyring-backend test

i get

- name: Mr5610
  type: local
  address: akash1687r9ta2u469xcac8ctlv7phfqlsdpfnt6jaw9
  pubkey: akashpub1addwnpepq06jec9e4zpm2maakd8qspdq242ckr9h30j24vz3qcpx2lfg6tnzspmtjj0
  mnemonic: ""
  threshold: 0
  pubkeys: [] 

does echo "$AKASH_PROVIDER_KEY" print Mr5610?

No, it prints akash1687r9ta2u469xcac8ctlv7phfqlsdpfnt6jaw9

you should set it to the name of your key (Mr5610), not your account address (akash1687r9ta2u469xcac8ctlv7phfqlsdpfnt6jaw9)

Error: settings validation: invalid domain name ""
that’s what i get now lol.
that’s the ip of my computer.
server ip is (from kubelet.conf)

here is my config file

  name: cluster.local
- context:
    cluster: cluster.local
    user: kubernetes-admin
  name: kubernetes-admin@cluster.local
current-context: kubernetes-admin@cluster.local
kind: Config
preferences: {}
- name: kubernetes-admin

here is my provider.yaml file

  - key: region
    value: us-west-demo-mr5610```

what version are you running. akash version.

use three backticks to start a block code comment so that we can see what your files actually are.

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v0.12.1 is my akash version
wow the backticks look so much nicer

@nzemel1 A provider needs an associated domain name. Instead of specifying the IP address, you need to create DNS entries. One is the hostname for the provider cluster, the other is a wildcard hostname for the provider cluster ingress

  1. –deployment-ingress-domain ← this flag should be setup as the wildcard hostname of the ingress controller
  2. –cluster-public-hostname ← this flag should be setup as the hostname of the cluster

You can use any existing domain name you may have, there are no specific naming requirements. Or you might be able to use one of the free providers of subdomains.

If you’re unsure what I am referring to this can be a helpful reference to understand the difference between regular DNS entries and wildcard entries Wildcard DNS record - Wikipedia.