Help Reconciling Address Balance

Hi All,

I’ve been dabbling in AKT and thought I’d check if I understood how the IBC flows worked, so I tried to reconcile the balance of an account. akash195309rjetrewsxep8xzs2dqhwlu75pqvxugv2r

I can’t figure out how the transactions listed total to the available balance of 1.527088.

My best guess is that I’m wrong about which fees were paid by this address, but even then can’t zero things out. Any suggestions?


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Hello Jobu -

Sorry for the delayed response. I’m not sure I fully understand the issue and wonder if a convo back and forth could be useful. Are you a Discord user? If so - could you direct message me (ScottCarruthers#8207) and we can discuss further?

By the way - the Akash Discord server is listed below and the community can help address your issue as well in the relevant channels.