Help in creating Akash wallet

Hi Team,
Trying to move a website to akash, I have the web server working on Ubunutu Ngnix server, containerised it, and moved it to Docker hub.
But when I run the below command to create a wallet:
akash \

–keyring-backend “$AKASH_KEYRING_BACKEND”
keys add “$AKASH_KEY_NAME”

I get below error message:
Command ‘akash’ not found, did you mean:
command ‘kash’ from deb kanif (1.2.2-3)
Try: apt install

Akash CLI seems to be installed fine. Using the guide at:

which is consistent to other guide provided as well.
Any idea what can be the issue here?

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I recommend guide from official docs:

Install Akash: Install Akash - Akash Guidebook
Create wallet/Account: Create Account - Akash Guidebook


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