Hello Akash community

Hello, Akash forum.
My name is Juan (known in the Crypto world as The Stable Europe)
I already run some Validators and help others to do it and to maintain them.
My profile is a mix of Tech + Entrepreneur.
My present path is to reach the senior DevOps Crypto profile.
I’ve been in front of a computer since 8 years old and still.
I’m a father, curious about crypto since 2013, and all the time learning. The more I learn the more I realize I know nothing.
Glad to land at Akash Network and already captivate me. So I’m going to spend here hours and hours as I prefer to focus on good projects better than much.
Hope to know a great community, as on my way I’ve learned that the best Crypto projects are the ones that have the best communities.
See you around.