HandyHost Dweb Control Panel (Browser Native)

Akash Grant Proposal

  • Project Title: HandyHost

  • Problem Statement: What is the problem you will solve?
    HandyHost makes dWeb hosting simple. We bundle Sia, Sentinel (DVPN) and Akash into a single hosting suite that allows end-users/non-programmers to easily rent out storage, bandwidth and hosts for dWeb projects.

  • Goals: What are you aiming to accomplish?

  1. Make passive-income generation simple through an easy to use GUI application.
  2. Enable income generation via utility blockchains over a low-energy footprint
  3. A single project that combines multiple projects with similar goals into one single hosting interface.
  4. Enable more users to experience the decentralized web without the headaches of running nodes and using a command line, but without giving up the power of running software locally.
  • Impact: What impact will this project have?
    Phase 1: It dramatically increases the resources available on Akash, DVPN and Sia. It creates a healthy ecosystem for renters to scale into.
    Phase 2: After we have enabled the hosts to provide assets, we will enable a client facing “Handy GUI” for renters to use the host capacity for Akash, DVPN and Sia projects.

  • Budget: How much funding will this require?
    $100k for our team to:

  • Finish up component development
  • Complete Functional and Unit testing
  • Add additional any training videos & materials/FAQs/etc
  • Work with design for any final rounds of design/tweaks to the UI
  • Get started on the client-facing “Handy GUI”
  • Subsidize any incurred costs in relation to developer tooling, deployment testing, and generally compensating team members for their time and contributions to date.
  • Timeline: What is the timeline for accomplishing this task?
    We have already completed the entire integration of all the projects and are scheduled for a 10/1/2021 release. We will continue to build and add on to the HandyHost project, and extend it to other dweb focused protocols as it becomes possible and others mature.

  • Team: Are you looking for additional team members?
    No, we have a full staffed team of Product, Design, Engineering and QA/Testing.

  • Reporting: How will you report your progress to the community (e.g. weekly calls, reports)?

  • Github PRs and Changelogs
  • Semi-monthly developer calls
  • Blogposts and podcast interviews
  • Telegram channels for ongoing feature previews

Additional Team Information

We together helped build the first Handshake mining client for AMD/Nvidia; mined the first blocks 1-~44 on chain for GPUs in 2020.

Then integrated our custom GUI to work with https://Goldshell.com Blake2bSHA3 “mini-ASICs”. NOTALINKhttps://amentum.substack.com/p/introducing-the-handyminer-goldshell

To continue the party of 2020 releases, we also built the first native Handshake web browser from scratch atop Chromium to support resolving names via HSD and the HNSD light client. NOTALINKhttps://www.coindesk.com/tech/2020/06/22/handshake-goes-live-with-an-uncensorable-internet-browser/

We of course had to continually educate on what we were creating NOTALINKhttps://www.coindesk.com/tech/2020/08/18/why-the-decentralized-webs-development-is-unstoppable/.

Then we released an open source stratum for the HNS mining ecosystem to support all the benefits of the HNS PoW such as the unique maskHash element that was incorporated to prevent block withholding from miners NOTALINKhttps://amentum.substack.com/p/introducing-handystratum-for-handshake

Now we are expanding further with the pending release of “HandyHost” a control panel that runs in your desktop browser/mobile browser across MacOS and Linux to manage Sia/DVPN/and Akash, while supporting Handshake name resolving natively as well in the background.

Essentially we are merging all the loosely coupled components of the “New Internet” under one convenient and easy to use open source control panel for the decentralized web.

We received a $DVPN grant from the Sentinel Foundation and a private Akash grant from Greg Osuri NOTALINKhttps://twitter.com/steven_mckie/status/1409308669297053698?s=21


We even gifted the mnemonic for the address that mined Block #1 on Handshake, and stored the mnemonic and story across various DWeb storage Protocols (Skynet/ipfs/arweave) NOTALINKhttps://twitter.com/steven_mckie/status/1426435694415646727?s=21


Ive been following the progress on this for a while now and im highly impressed with what ive seen!!


Thank you! Once the community tries it when we launch this week, everyone will be floored at home much this advances Akash forward.

I know the community likely has a process here, but know we’re a professional team of OGs, and worth the funding commitment. You’ll get a lot more value than $100k from HandyHost.


@mckie Your partner Alex Smith presented to the CAB this week, and we decided we would like to hold a vote on funding HandyHost. I’m confident that there is support from other CAB members.

Please fill out the grant application template here: https://forum.akash.network/t/grant-application-template/

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@mckie have you done this already. Go get this grant. I love all the stuff you and your team made so far. One of the people I enjoy following bringing real content in the new dweb.

No as we stated in our private discussion we don’t wish to publicize the project until it’s done. Similarly to how we did with HandyHost. We sent the proposal in Google doc form so it could be viewed privately.

Publishing info about this now would make us less competitive. And since we’re not a for profit company and simple just a group of open source devs, this is how you will need to work with us. If not, we simply will not be engaging with you any longer. HandyHost is a pivotal piece of software we built out of the good graces of our hearts. Greg Osuri and the Akash Foundation had no issues giving us a grant. I understand you need a public post but it will not happen.

You all will need to determine if a grant is worthwhile without public interest.

Message we sent last is below, please don’t reply back until you’ve a solution:

“Thanks Colin and CAB team!
Here is a link to a Google doc containing the features of HandyClient:


This should answer any questions about features and functionality. If there are any additional questions please ask them in this email chain and Steven or I will address.

Thanks again,
-alex “