HackAtom Cosmos Omnibus Challenge

One of the biggest values that Akash can provide to other blockchains is the ability to run hard-to-de-platform durable blockchain nodes. Removing blockchains’ dependence on centralized hosting providers is one of the biggest steps blockchains can take toward further decentralization. To this end, the Akash community and core developer team have put together the following GitHub repo:

This repo contains the deployment scripts and references to working images to deploy nodes on a number of different Cosmos chains in a matter of seconds. Akash’s HackAtom VI challenge asks participants to develop the container images, SDL files, and readme.dm documentation needed to run chain nodes from Cosmos chains that are not currently in the repository. Deliverables will be in the form of a PR to the GitHub - ovrclk/cosmos-omnibus repo.


  • 1ST $35,000
  • 2ND $15,000


Deliverable must include the following:

  • Configured SDL for deployment
  • Working container image
  • Complete documentation in the form of the readme.md
  • Working Github account for the pull requests
  • Access to the internet for the deployment and testing of the image on the Akash network