Governance Proposal #20 to fund the CAB

Moultrie Audits is currently writing Governance Proposal #20 to refund the Akash Community Awards Board (CAB). We believe the CAB provides significant value to the Akash Network and have documented the high impact that funded projects have had (Effects of the CAB).

Historically (Prop #9, #16), funds have been sent from the Community Pool to a multisig controlled by the Akash team. We would like to either convert the community pool into a multisig controlled by the CAB or send funds from the community pool to a multisig controlled by the CAB. This will increase decentralization of the network and take control away from official Akash team members.

Additionally, a multisig controlled by the CAB will increase the speed of funding and ensure we are rewarding hardworking developers for their efforts. Praetor has only received 26% of their grant and deserves to receive the full amount. This is a fault of the CAB for overcommitting funds, and a public CAB multisig will help increase accountability and transparency to the community.

We are requesting community input on whether Akash token holders would prefer the status quo remain, and Prop #20 is a conventional request for transitioning funds from the community pool to an Akash team multisig, or the CAB takes control of the community pool through a multisig, or whether we send funds from the community pool to a CAB multisig.

I’d love for the CAB to use it’s own multisig for receiving funds from the community pool.

I am fervently against converting the entire community pool into a multisig. The community pool is meant to be spent via governance proposal, not to be handed over to a handful of people that control a multisig.

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