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Many projects today payout funds that are essentially unusable for most hobbyists. Golem recently released Thorg, a miner that pays out GLM via Polygon - but for you to actually get it out to real money, you’re going to need quite a bit. The same goes for other projects, like Mysterium - the decentralized VPN.

At the same time, this has the potential to bring in a lot of gamers to the crypto space. You’d be surprised how many people spend hours every day doing tiny tasks, enter giveaways, and fill out endless surveys - just for a few more games in their Steam library.

To combat this, I thought to myself: “Why not create a webshop? Polygon has low fees, these networks pay out decent enough cash, and anyone with a graphics card could earn enough for a game within a few hours.”

So, this project will include:

Akash for the backend / API endpoints
Polygon as a payment system
Filebase for the frontend images, videos, trailers, and other logo art
Filebase as a backend database

Here’s roughly how the buying process will look like:

User pays any L2 asset that makes sense via a Polygon transaction =>

Akash instance requests API from PolygonScan =>

PolygonScan returns a response with recent transactions =>

Akash instance checks if address/amount matches with API response
&& against Filebase records of previous transactions & payments =>

Saves new transaction data on Filebase =>

Returns a cd key to the user

Very excited to see this! Let us know if you need anything.


It’s going very well. The backend needs minor retouches, the frontend is basically done (see attached screenshot), and I have successfully deployed test versions onto Akash. I still have a few things left to do, but it’s more than just a concept at this stage.

For example, you can see that I only have three games on the website. But I have about 30-50 unique games ready to put there. The issue here is that I get these games automatically from a JSON file, and I don’t have any automatic tool to create this file yet. I need to obtain the game names, logos, and appid’s - and also connect these to the digital key stored already.

Naturally, I could do this manually, seeing how there are ten days left, but I want to make this website sustainable. I might not run it myself, but I want to make sure that someone runs this website - and therefore I want it to work with admin pages and all sorts of tools to make the running of the website easy.




The page is now visible at The backend is hosted on Akash with the figureprod/backend:test6 image. I am doing some finishing touches on the backend before finishing the frontend, and I will leave one potential flaw that allows for blocking other >known< users from ordering games. This can be countered later on but I will skip it for now as it requires multiple new systems for it to work.
Product keys are (locally) automatically assigned into their respective JSON files but there is still manual work involved in getting the appID’s as there is no reliable way of getting them with API.
Instead of the previous system that added random numbers to the end of the cost, there is now a lock-up period per wallet per order. This is mostly because of how the rounding works on total costs, but both can be utilized in the future if abuse happens. For this, I just need to figure out how the rounding happens and doing the same server-side.
I still have plenty of work left to make it runnable without hardcoding a lot of variables, but this only needs some hardcoded stuff to be translated into ENV which isn’t too bad.

  • Project name and a list of team members
  • A description of what your project does and why you decided to build it
    This project lets people use their mined GLM tokens to buy games. It also serves as a template for anyone who wants to release their own website that accepts any Polygon assets - all it needs is a different frontend, possibly a few new data points, and a switch of ENV variables.
    I felt that there was a need for:
    (1) users to spend their mined tokens without needing hundreds of dollars as a minimum for fees and minimum withdrawal amounts;
    (2) gamers to join the crypto eco-system with their graphics cards which are perfectly fine for mining;
    (3) fewer restrictions on gamers who have graphics cards if they want to games. this counters for example people whose debit cards don’t work online, whose parents don’t let them buy games, who’s IRL piggy bank is in constant use and not allowing themselves to buy games
  • Demo video or presentation slides. Your video should be around 3 minutes long and include a demo of your working project. Videos must be made publicly visible.
    demo video
  • Access to your working application or Github code repository. Access must be provided to the working application or code for judging and testing by providing a link to a website, functioning demo, or a Github repository.
    live website
    (if the resolver is down in the above link you can view the frontend here but the HTTP requests will not work)
    open-source backend
    guide to a recreation of similar projects
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