FileBox - A Decentralized FileSharing Service


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Solo: Bernardo Hart

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FileBox is a decentralized filesharing service that can be used to upload/download files to and from the decentralized store provided by Filebase. FileBox allows to share single files or multiple files at ones. When uploading multiple files the files will first be first zipped before getting pushed to Filebase. After each upload a unique download link is generated that doesnā€™t expose the actual file location on Filebase.

Originally the plan was to work on another project than the one submitted in this post. (initial idea). Sadly I was out for almost two weeks and unable to finish a project of that scale.

Fortunately, in the beginning of the Hackathon I also started to work on the Filetransfer app to test out Filebase. To be able to finish the hackathon and at least submit something I created a improved version of the Filetransfer app called FileBox. A filesharing service like this was actually the first idea that came to mind when I got introduced to Filebase.

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