Feb 9th, 2022 CAB Meeting Minutes + Video and Voting Results

Hello, below are minutes from the CAB meeting from Feb 9th, 2022

  1. Vote on Rade Game Trading → No
  2. Vote on Praetor Provider Onboarding→ Yes, follow up with Praetor/Arc10 team
  3. Funding proposal for 2022 CAB initiatives - $AKT150,000 submission
  4. Matters arising resolved, including community support, information dissemination, grantee reporting and milestone driven funding resolution.

Action Items

  1. Funding request follow up - Alani
  2. Praetor follow-up (Project Plan, Milestones, and Akash deployment plan) - Alani

Meeting video link - CAB Feb 9, 2022 Meeting




Hello, want to say thank you for giving me the chance to present. I’ve listened to the meeting video, and mostly understand the CAB’s decision. Sadly this would mean the Rade would only be able to run as long as the remaining AKT can keep it up, I can’t afford to keep the servers running, especially in a production workload.

Here’s a humble suggestion I feel would spare future grant applicants some embarrassment, time and effort - It should be made clearer on the developer grants program page what the CAB is not willing to fund.

Thanks for the time.


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Thanks for the feedback. We will factor this into the process going forward.


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