Faucet 20AKT funding wallet has run out of funds

**Describe the issue **:
When you connect your github account with the Faucet wallet you should receive 20AKT as per: Get Free Tokens - Akash Guidebook

failed to execute message; message index: 0: 8037000uakt is smaller than 20000000uakt: insufficient funds

**Account address **:
The funding account has insufficient funds


Fixed! Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

@colin.lowenberg I encountered the same issue.

Same Issue here:

Working on getting it back up and running!


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Hi Colin,

Since people are posting addresses here ive wondered if its necessary or will the faucet credit them account automatically once its up and running?

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mine doesn’t work too akash1eedv523xngwrx7sy7dznmslp9c75qe928477et