Evimna: Get rewarded by Writing News/Articles

Project Title: Evimna: Get rewarded by Writing News/Articles

Problem Statement: What is the problem you will solve?
Many bloggers who want to earn money but they can’t afford the hosting cost to get started, this will solve their this problem. Bloggers & Reporters will write articles and they will be get rewarded for how their articles perform. In my country i see many bloggers who stopped writing because they don’t get anything because of their efforts, i know how much time it’s takes to make a tutorial for anything, if we establish this project we will not lose these great writers.

Goals: What are you aiming to accomplish?
I’m trying to help people those who have talent but they don’t have any beneficent way to share there talent and who share there talent on blogspot and in the other site they didn’t get the value of it, because of this they stop writing and we lose the talent. My goal is to create such website where every writers will be get benefited from there content. In a simple word i can say “I want to create a content sharing platform”.

Impact: What impact will this project have?
This project will have a huge impact on the bloggers, think someone creating a tutorial for how to do anything on the wikiHow but for their writing they receiving nothing but when someone will create a tutorial on our website and they will earn money from it then why would someone will not publish their content on our website. When we will reach our targeted audience and writers our platform will be the best content sharing platform.

How you will pay the writers?
We will share our ads earnings with them.
We created a advertising system where advertisers can submit there ads and when a visitor will click on ads author will get a percentage of the ads earnings (Just like adsense, in example, when you get click on ads, adsense share there ads earning with you, just like this we will share our ads earnings with author’s), our advertising system now only support CPC.

Budget: How much funding will this require?
I need $1000 USD for now for improving the advertising system and add some new features.

Timeline: What is the timeline for accomplishing this task?
The work is completed successfully but still lack’s of many popular features.
That’s why i need this Fund’s to complete the missing work.
You can check out my website here: Home | Evimna

Team: Are you looking for additional team members?
We have our own team.

How it will help the Akash Network to Grow?
A ads of Akash Network will run on our website for 6 months.
I will write detailed article about Akash Network on Evimna.
I will add Akash Network token as an payment method.

Reporting: How will you report your progress to the community (e.g. weekly calls, reports)?
We will report you 1 times a month in a call or you can see our progress on a website.
Monthly report will be published on Discord & Telegram channel.

Design: Do you have any mock ups or screenshots?
Yes, i have.

You can check the full website here: Home | Evimna

@AlaniAKT Hopefully i will get funds this time.