Error: the server could not find the requested resource (get

**Describe the issue **:
We have our Kubernetes environment all set up and configured using the steps outlined from the information for creating a provider/Kubernetes setup.

We can run all of the preliminary checks defined within the instructions.

We have also set up Akash with a wallet, environment variables, and all necessary preliminary steps.

When we try to run the provider we get the defined error.
Error: the server could not find the requested resource (get

However, running the kubectl get crd command we see the following;

Anyone have any ideas why this is occurring and we can not start our provider?
We have double-checked all of the steps to ensure we did not miss any but can not determine the cause of the error.

We are adding a few more screenshots to show that everything is running as expected.

Results from the kubectl get all command

Here is the trx hash for the creation of our provider

And here is the trx hash for our certificate creation

Hello OurLink_ValidatorNod. Sorry for the delayed response on this manner.

Do you happen to use Discord? If so - would it be possible to summarize (can even point to this post via URL if easier) in the Akash Discord server’s provider channel? Suggestion is based on the wealth of expertise we have supporting providers in that channel.

If not possible/ideal to bring this discussion into Discord - can certainly continue here. Based on your output the Kubernetes cluster appears fine - though there is one CoreDNS pod that appears to be flapping. And would like to get opinions from others who may have encountered such issues.