Error on Connect with GitHub with the Faucet to get tokens (20 $AKT)

**Describe the issue **:
I’m following the steps described in the documentation (Get Free Tokens - Akash Guidebook), but I can’t move forward when trying to perform the “Connect with GitHub with the Faucet to get tokens (20 $AKT)” operation. I went to the page (Akash Faucet: akashnet-2), checked the terms and clicked “Connect to claim your AKT” but nothing happens. In the Chrome log I see the following error: “error: invalid_request error_description: the connection is not enabled state: b3ZRYlRXN0VQT1Y2SDNqRjRsNEFxZ1gtdlF5SzVOZlNZaFo3WmhXZTcuUQ==”

**Account address **:

Hey NetoDeveloper -

The Akash faucet is currently under maintenance as we enact further security guardrails.

Are you a Discord user? If so - please direct message me (ScottCarruthers#8207) and we can discuss getting you squared away to test deployments on Akash.

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Hello chainzero!

Roger that, thanks for the reply. I called you on discord.