Error during handshake

I was updating the Blockchain and I got this.
I’m wondering if this is a seed issue or something else.
I’m also wondering how to fix this error.

Error: error during handshake: error on replay: wrong Block.Header.AppHash. Expected 29A52D6A8812DA0D1CD4B90BF5520A82ADAF5888CB7E674289B5FF25ABB01B7C, got 76E781A801DC95404EFF512AAB7B5056EF283E2EA1DFEAC805DAB86E9AE058F3

I’m assuming this is a seed error.

You might be hitting where we had a network upgrade. What block height is it at?

You can always start with a snapshot, see here for information.

It’s around 968 block height.

Yes, that was the network upgrade height. Try starting from a snapshot.

Ok. i created a snapshot, but how do i upload it? it’s 200 megabytes. also, it’s not a picture.

See the instructions here for using a snapshot from the community.

So that absolutely worked. I’m at around block height=1726417;
How can i be sure i’m receiving requests for people to use my server?
when i type akash status, i get a bunch of things i don’t understand.

Running a node is not the same as running a provider.

Providers bid on orders and host workloads. See here for instructions on setting up a provider.

I am going to synchronize the archive node, and I have the same problem.
Does the archive node also need to start from a snapshot?

archive node uses pruning = “nothing” mode
full node uses pruning = “default”
Snapshot server use default mode

# default: the last 100 states are kept in addition to every 500th state; pruning at 10 block intervals
# nothing: all historic states will be saved, nothing will be deleted (i.e. archiving node)
# everything: all saved states will be deleted, storing only the current state; pruning at 10 block intervals
# custom: allow pruning options to be manually specified through 'pruning-keep-recent', 'pruning-keep-every', and 'pruning-interval'
pruning = "default"

To get all the metadata from the blockchain, your node must sync in pruning nothing mode from the very start of the network. Or, there must be at least one archive node on the network for you to be able to sync data from it. As far as I know, there are no such nodes in the Akash network.