Enterprise Class Validator Guide (Ledger | NGINX DDoS Portection)

Here is the write up for my validator implementation. I hope that it will be a valuable resource for the community. Please provide feedback for any errors or mistakes:


This looks like a really great write up. i cant wait to give it a solid read.

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Been looking for easy to follow instructions… Good job. I notice a lot of “not in VM” so I am wondering if this is just because you’re talking about VirtualBox as a hypervisor for Windows host machines or if there was some other reason. I use Proxmox KVM and debian for managing all my VM instances and containers on separate server machines. I think this should work fine unless I am missing something.Proxmox VE - Virtualization Management Platform
I want to host my own nodes on my many serves I have at home as well as geographic diverse in a data center I have colocation space I host some physical game servers for friends and family along with some basic websites… plenty of horsepower and data left and space to add more servers with any number of IP’s I need… anyhow I have 5 public IP’s at home and a lot of crazy proxy stuff going and this I can still make it work fine with Proxmox as the hypervisor manager and any debian/ubuntu VM as the node in a VM… what am I missing?

I was actually trying to build a downloadable LXC template to one click install a validator or sentry node… give people Proxmox as a tool to visualize servers/machines they have and the VM’s or containers they are running… plug in something like portainer to watch the instances over akash would be nice too…

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Homie LXC is my running fave for nodes in containers but I went with systemd in the end.

By the way I’m looking for justifications of the sentry node architecture that are not hand wavy.

This is so good @SkyNet_Asgard - thank you for writing this up. Solid reference.

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Did you find any?

I ha e wondered about this. What has your research indicates thus far. Maybe you can point me to a more appropriate location or thread to discuss