Discussion about a Decentralized Affiliate Program for Akash

I did not post this as a proposal because I am pretty new to development so I still do not know how to approach a project like this or if it is even possible to accomplish this as a dev outside the Akash team.

I think this could potentially be a project for a group of developers and the Akash team to work together on.

My vision is to have a type of affiliate program for people who host their web apps, discord/telegram bots, etc. on Akash. Each dev would be given a unique Akash website link that is associated with them to use however they want. Then, they would be paid AKT based on a per-click or per-impression basis.

A program such as this would not only incentivize developers to deploy on Akash, but also bring more publicity to Akash.

I realize that there would be many challenges to implementing this project. Determining invalid advertisement clicks and impressions is a difficult problem to tackle. Additionally, it would involve privacy concerns because of tracking people who click on the Akash link. Another challenge would be creating a decentralized affiliate program that uses AKT. Perhaps smart contracts could have a unique way of solving these things, but I am not sure.

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