Discourse on Akash

  • Project name and a list of team members
    Discourse on Akash. Only me right now
  • A description of your project
    Deploy Discourse on Akash
  • Optional demo video
    Don’t have one right now
  • Access to your working demo or Github code repository.

I have started participating on Discourse on Akash | ovrclk Funded Issue Detail | Gitcoin | Gitcoin

I have created GitHub - Rodri-R/akash-discourse: This will deploy Discourse forum on Akash and deployed to Akash, but I seem to have problems with ports.

Looking for a team member or members to complete this and win this hackaton


I was working on the same and would love to collaborate over this. I have experience in Cosmos Network, shifting over to Akash shouldn’t be too hard. I can write an extended blog + video on this topic. If you want, let’s set up a meet and discuss this!


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Hey, yes sounds great, you can reach out to me in Discord Rodri#5010 or just let me know how you want to meet.

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Sent u a DM!