Did not receive 20AKT For connecting Github

**Describe the issue **:
Hi I did not receive 20AKT From the faucet
**Account address **:


Same for me, I wanted to do some test dev work and create some containers.


Same for me too.

Tx : Mintscan - Chain explorer by COSMOSTATION

Yes, I experienced the same.

I noticed on mintscan that there is a faucet transaction to my account. But it failed, because the faucet wallet is out of funds.


For everyone in need of AKT from faucet above:

The faucet is currently without funds as we enact better authorization checks. But will send AKT to the addresses listed directly.

A couple of the addresses/users I have already spoken to in Discord and have taken care of. Will take care of rest shortly.

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Same here: akash1m8044uvvh6ln0j9p9r8f9zcqyuxcyndja5ttv8

I have sent faucet funds to everyone in this post who requested up until this point (Jabu last request processed). Please let me know if anyone did not receive.

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I haven’t.

Hey quailworthy13. For the Akash address you provided - I show faucet funds (20AKT) sent to the account 3 days ago as seen in this transaction. That is your address - correct?

**Describe the issue **:
Hi I did not receive 20AKT From the faucet
**Account address **:

Message from the Akash team regarding faucet funds. We have had to temporarily shut down the faucet as we enact security checks. Sorry for the inconvenience. Faucet should be back up in the next few weeks.

Hello @j0nl1. The faucet is still down as our development continues to enact hardening.

Are you a Discord user? If so - reach out on Discord (ScottCarruthers#8207) and we can discuss ways to get you started with your first deployments on Akash.

Hi I would like to try AKASH with 20AKT


**Faucet not work **:
Hi I did not receive 20AKT From the faucet
**akash1svylsx22zn3q38q8eg0kvhfsjm0wkp78zfvjqg **:

Faucet is problem sir:
Hi I don’t receive 20AKT From faucet

Hi same issue for me to

All - the faucet is currently down pending further security updates. We can provide equal AKT that can only be used for deployment purposes. Please contact us on Discord (link below) if you are looking to get started with deployments.

Same for me too.

The online faucet is down while we enact further security checks to prevent fraud.

Please reach out via direct message at Discord address below if you are looking to get started with Akash deployments and we can discuss how to get you set up.


Hi Team,

I have connected my github account to Faucet but did not get tokens.
I’m testing one small dev application, can I have some tokens to accommodate my deployment ?