Deploying an enterprise SaaS app - questions

Hi all, Great project team! Have a few questions for dev team or anyone with experience…

  1. Is there a way to estimate costs for deployment without creating SDL file? (ideally a calculator somewhere?)

  2. How are updates deployed? Like what happens when new docker image is generated, does deployment auto-update by pulling latest image? or I have to trigger whole bidding process again.

  3. From the documentation, it seems bidding process for deployment was manual. How does it fit in with CI/CD pipelines? Is there someone using CI/CD workflows with Akash?

  4. Question about data privacy/encryption: Can a cloud node provider see all the code and databases that are deployed there?

  5. Failover consideration: Since the deployment is made on a single node, there’s one point of failure (correct?), what happens if a cloud provider simply turns off their node where my deployment was running?

Thank you

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