Deploy Wetez APIs to Akash-Grant Application

Developer Award Application

Proposal: Deploy Wetez APIs to Akash


1. First & Last Name: (optional)
Dajun Huang

2. Email Address:

3. Akash Wallet Address:

4. Akashian URI:

**5. Time Zone: **

6. Language:
English, Chinese

Social Networks

7. Discord Username:
Jun | Wetez#9950

8. Discourse Username:

9. Github:

10. Twitter:

11. LinkedIn:

12. Website:

13. Blog:


**14. Are you a developer or software engineer? **
A developer

**15. Are you currently involved in Akash’s Discord developer community channel? **

**16. Have you deployed on Akash’s Mainnet or Testnet? **
Not yet.

**17. Do you have other team members? **
Yes, we have 3 engineers, 1 product manager and 2 operators.

18. Are you looking for additional team members?

**19. Are you interested in working on Akash full-time? Akash is hiring engineers and contractors. **

20. What Cloud hosting services do you currently use? (Amazon/Google/Microsoft)
Amazon, Hetzner.

21. How much do you pay per month for Cloud services / hosting?
When we have different business needs, the type of service required is also different. So the amount of the fee is not a fixed value, it depends on the relevant usage scenario.

**22. How did you hear about this program? **
We’ve been following Akash for a while now. Wetez is running Akash’s validator node.
Recently Wetez launched its RPC service, Wetez APIs, and we happened to find a grant that Akash has set up for developers, which we hope to use to help us bring the Wetez APIs to the Akash ecosystem.

Product Vision:

23. What is your project?
The Wetez APIs connect to major Proof of Stake Blockchains to provide you with quick and robust access to decentralized data.

24. What is the problem you will solve?
We’ve learned that there is a strong demand for APIs from the entire web3 developer community. In response to the needs of the community, we’ve launched the Wetez APIs service after a period of research and development. And now we want to bring it to Akash.

25. What are your goals?
Wetez is a professional Web3 service provider and we want to make it easier for more developers to join web3 by building the infrastructure. Specifically with the Wetez APIs, the goal is to open up more blockchain data to developers through the API channels we build.

26. What impact will this project have on the Akash developer community?
Users and Dapps in the ecosystem will have an additional secure and efficient option when accessing Akash for data.

27. Who will use your project when it’s complete?
Devs, Dapps and users in the Akash ecosystem.

28. Will you monetize your project?
Yes, and we will monetise through paid version.There will be 2 versions of Wetez APIs, the free version and the paid version. In general, the free version is sufficient for most of the API needs. When a user has a higher demand for the API, he can use our paid version.

29. Will you open source your project?
Wetez APIs is a centralized service, so there is no plan to open source.

Product Leadership / Drive:

30. Tell us about yourself, your passion, your values
It has been almost 4 years since I started working in web3 and as a developer I hope to make my contribution to the development of web3. As a web3 service team, we are always striving to build a more user-friendly and widespread web3.

31. What’s your aspiration for blockchain technology?
Blockchain technology has a promising future and will eventually replace existing technologies as the underlying data network. With this belief in mind, we have been moving forward.

32. If you had $1 million in grant funding what would you do?

  1. Building more infrastructure based on the Akash ecosystem
  2. Optimisation of existing web3 services
  3. Explore more possibilities for web3 tools and data

33. Who will benefit most from your project?
All the Devs, Dapps and users that have the demand to use the API to access Akash ecosystem.

34. How will you help grow the Akash community?

  1. Build and improve the Wetez APIs at Akash and tailor relevant services for the Akash community.
  2. Maintain interaction with Akash on social media platforms such as Twitter and Medium.
  3. Publish documentation and articles on the use of the APIs.

35. How will you make Akash approachable to developers?

  1. Think and work from a developer’s perspective to make the Wetez APIs more relevant to Akash developers’ needs.
  2. Help Devs by answering questions in the Akash community.
  3. Actively take on board suggestions from developers to improve the Wetez APIs.
  4. Keep exporting useful infrastructure and tools to help more developers understand and join the Akash community.

36. How do you think Akash should improve?

Product Execution:

37. How would you utilize the grant funding?
Ths cost will be used to cover the development and service maintenance.

38. Have you already started this work?
Not yet.

39. Do you have a GitHub or website for your project?

40. How will this task be accomplished?
The Wetez APIs for Akash will have 4 plans, the first plan is free to use, the remaining are upgraded plans, teams or devs need to pay the fee for using APIs.
The free used API volume can be used to measure project success, each registered developer can have an account with 100k requests for free, if we have 100 accounts and more than 10mil requests per day would be considered success.

41. How would you break this work up into 3 or 4 phases / milestones?
The Wetez APIs for Akash will have 4 plans, the first plan is free to use, the remaining are upgraded plans, teams or devs need to pay the fee for using APIs. The free used plan only have one milestone, we include all the works in one milestone, details can be seen below:


1- Free plan launch in mainnet (20, Aug, 2022)

  • Node operation and data synchronizing
  • Design UI/UX
  • Back-end/Front-end development
  • Debug, test and design request strategy
  • Free Plan launch

42. How many months of work will this project require?
About 1-2 months.

43. What’s the expected amount of funding required for your project?
Total Cost: $30,000
This fee will cover the development and the service maintenance of Wetez APIs at the beginning. Thereafter we will obtain funding to sustain the project through upgraded paid versions and will not always rely on Akash’s grant to survive.

Product Progress:

44. Will you open source your project?

45. How do you plan to share your work with the community once complete?
1.An official announcement (with details, logos, website links) will be made on Wetez’s blog and be shared to all the other social media once our service is live.
2.The access link will be shared to the Akash community directly.
3.All the users will always be able to access it by the Wetez APIs website.

46. Will you report your progress to the community every month?

47. Do you have any screenshots, videos, or other context you can share?

Developer Associations:

48. Are you associated with any accelerators, incubators, venture capital firms, or startup funds?

49. Are you associated with any startup communities?

50. Are you associated with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)?

51. Are you associated with any open source projects?

52. Are you associated with any of the Akash Network core team members?


53. Are you a resident of, citizen, or located in a geographic area that is subject to UN, US, EU, Swiss or any other sovereign country sanctions or embargoes?

54. Are you over the age of 18?