Deploy UI Challenge Proposal

I’m interested in the deploy UI challenge - I’m thinking about building some kind of “easy” way for new users to deploy a serverless program to the network - something like AWS Lambda where you can directly write your server-side (python/node/ruby/etc.) code in the browser/web interface, or upload a small serverless codebase as a zip file, and then the interface will verify it, package it up (the important thing would be storing the source code separately from the docker image).

I’ve always been a huge fan of AWS Lambda whenever I’ve used it, and having a decentralized version of that seems like it could be super useful. The unique part would be that it’s meant for web and backend developers who aren’t familiar with devops/docker and just want to put together a codebase and have it run exactly the same on the network as it runs on their local machine.

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I love this idea! Seems like you’d need to automate building and publishing the Docker container with the serverless functions, but that’s doable.