Deploy UI Challenge Proposal - VSCode extension

Hello everyone, I’ve seen the deploy UI challenge on Gitcoin and immediately thought of developing a VScode extension for this purpose. I work a lot with the NEO blockchain and one of their best feature is their VSCode extension that provides a UI in VSCode to quickly and easily start a local NEO blockchain and deploy/invoke smart contracts :

Here is as screenshot :

In the next few days, I will attempt to build something similar for Akash!


That’s super cool, are you running a new blockchain on Akash or local? For local, you could just run the docker image.

Yes local is probably the better solution

I have submitted my work on Gitcoin. I hope you like it. The code is available on GitHub - waylad/akash-vscode-extension and here is the demo video : akash - YouTube

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Very cool! Looking forward to using this.