Deploy KnowYourDeFi on Akash

Know Your DeFi is a strategy and data platform we build for Decentralized Finance, providing a concise and intuitive data query interface that allows users to understand the DeFi projects they are interested in and adjust their strategies based on visual risk alerts.

Know Your DeFi selects more reliable data sources, subgraphs from The Graph, to add strategy descriptions and risk tips to some of the data modules based on professional research findings, and to visualize the most critical risk tips. In this way, the value of the data to the user will be maximized. It helps users to better understand more projects in the DeFi ecosystem, and provides a super awesome use case of subgraphs.

The deploy.yaml uses the latest Docker image to deploy Know Your DeFi Dapp on Akash.

Docker Image: Docker Hub
Github Repo: GitHub - KnowYourDeFi/
Live Demo on Akash:

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Awesome! Glad MinatoFund is back again!

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In addition, we would like point out the reason why we think deploy KnowYourDeFi on Akash is a great idea. As open source project, we would like to see users/developers to customize pages as they like to show the DeFi product metrics they interested in. Then, they can leverage the Akash DeCould to host their own dashboard.

Future works:
Provide sample CI yaml file to build image and deploy to Akash automatically in pipeline/action.

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