DeFi and Cross-Chain Interoperability Hackathon Winners!

Gitcoin Defi and interoperability Hackathon

Launched originally under the Gitcoin Round 11 Hackathon, these three challenges were extended and added into the Gitcoin DeFi & Cross-Chain Interoperability Hackathon. We received 7 total submissions, most of which increase the ease of simple workload deployment on the Akash Network. Each challenge listed below had a prize pool of 1000 AKT for the overall best submission.

  1. Radicle.Xyz + Akash + Akash (1000 AKT) | ovrclk Funded Issue Detail | Gitcoin | Gitcoin

  2. Solana on Akash Solana on Akash | ovrclk Funded Issue Detail | Gitcoin | Gitcoin

  3. Discourse On Akash Discourse on Akash | ovrclk Funded Issue Detail | Gitcoin | Gitcoin

Radicle.Xyz + Akash:

The radicle challenge has the biggest chance of driving Akash adoption from any of the three we are looking at today. Having the ability to deploy a simple static website is something that most bloggers and non-interactive web developers take for granted with tools like GitPages. Having that same functionality using the decentralized for the repository control and Akash for the hosting means that anyone can now easily make a personal website on Akash.


Not only did slowriot implement everything the challenge requested but he also provided easy to use development steps for anyone who wanted to take their own spin on it. From a local test environment all the way to a working page everything was laid out in a clean and simple fashion that just worked.

The project was simple enough to hand out to a much less technical user than currently would frequent Akash and still have them succeed with minimal effort or knowledge. This should unlock a massive demand that has previously gone untapped for compute on the Akash Network.

To test this project for yourself head over to GitHub - slowriot/anubis: Git-based webpages for Akash and Radicle.

Solana on Akash:

This challenge was a bit of a curveball. Technically speaking, many of the items needed to run a Solana RPC cluster are still on the Akash roadmap. That said, we wanted to see what the community could come up with. Amrosaeed responded to the call and submitted by far the best implementation we have seen to date.

Solana On Akash

This was by far one of the most technically challenging projects in the set. Not only did the user have to deal with technical limitations but they had to have a clear understanding of the architectures needed to run things correctly.

As roadmap items are completed that will better support Solana RPC this project will be the groundwork that enables a future mass migration from centralized providers.

To try the project out please go to GitHub - amrosaeed/Akash-Hackathon.

Discourse On Akash:

Discourse forums are very popular among crypto projects, and it’s simple to host a Discourse server on your own server. We offered 1000 AKT to the developer who wrote a guide on how to run Discourse on Akash. Our community member jfinlay provided a full solution with all the fixings.

Multi-Tiered Discourse on Akash

Jfinlay provided a 100% full solution setup as microservices. The SDL deployed a Multi-Tiered application with 4 services/containers.


  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • Sidekiq discourse


  • Discourse

Projects like this allow support not just of our own community but also many other crypto and web3 projects. The easier it is to deploy the tools we use to communicate the more successful we can be as a movement.

To try out the project yourself check the github at awesome-akash/discourse at master · ovrclk/awesome-akash · GitHub.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in these challenges and we plan to run more in the near future.