Decentralized social media

I want to build a decentralized social media fit those:

  1. Content creators who produce compelling content must be rewarded in proportion to their involvement in content creation.

  2. Developers who bring improvements to the platform must be rewarded for their efforts.

  3. Anti-censorship: Authoritarian regimes generally deny their citizens the right to access content that the regime deems sensitive. Blockchain-driven social media must resist this scrutiny.

  4. Decentralized content censorship to ensure authenticity: The platform must enable users with subject matter expertise to verify whether a piece of content is authentic. Fake news is a problem with centralised social media and decentralised social media must empower their communities to prevent this from happening.

  5. Users must control their personal data. Blockchain social media privacy will pave the way for the emergence of new, more ethical and user-friendly social media networks that prioritize the protection of sensitive personal information.

  6. DRM: Content creators should be able to protect their rights to their content.

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Very cool! Let us know how to help you get started.