Decentralized Only Fans Clone

Only Fans is deplatforming it’s highest earning community due to traditional banking problems. I think this would be a great project for someone to take up on Akash.

In my mind, there are two decentralized sites that interopt. One is the personal Portal for the Content Creator. This allow them to distribute media through the site (Skynet stored?) And monetize and accept payments.

The second site is a portal that receives some beacon, or beacons that would help discover of decentralized content creation pages, it would require some kind of DAO address to keep it alive.


  1. Is it reasonable to spin up one Akash instance per content creator
  2. Is it reasonable to run a full btcpay server on an Akash instance?
  3. How would creators “sign up” or “create account”
  4. Who would be able foot the bill on spinning up instances for creators until they have paying customers?