Deadline 8/16: Skynet Akash Challenge $10,000

We are offering $10,000 for the developer or team that builds the best app that integrates Skynet + Akash !

Livestream: Watch the Livestream on YouTube
Prize: $10,000
Deadline: August 16, 2021
Submission Process:

  1. First, please hello world! in the #skynet-challenge channel on
  2. Write a detailed post about what you plan to build and share it on the forum.
  3. If you need funding to get started, share your Akash address in your post.
  4. Update your forum post by August 16th to be reviewed by the community, Akash team, and Skynet team
  5. By August 20th, the winners will be announced.
  6. If selected as a winner, a prize will be paid out up to $10,000 in AKT.

Example Use Cases:
We asked Skynet founder David Vorick and Greg Osuri what they want to see built on the new joint Akash-Skynet architecture. They said we want to see want a user-friendly functional app that a dev can run and use for deploying and managing project. Also, ideally this app or tool will be run and maintained 24/7.

  • Building Fully Decentralized Webapps
  • Persistent Storage for Decentralized and P2P Apps
  • Off-Chain Storage for Blockchains
  • Censorship-resistant Website Hosting
  • Server-side Scraping, Backup & Data Publishing
  • Run a headless CMS on Akash, and front-end and asset storage on Skynet.
  • Rails App Framework
  • NodeJS App Framework
  • Wordpress as a service on Akash
  • Ghost CMS on Akash

Some example projects you should take a look at:

Skynet Resources

Skynet Community

Akash Community

  • Docs:
  • Community:
  • Support:
  • Examples:
  • Support:

Will probably participate!

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Need more info on interacting with Skynet from a server-side application?
See this draft for Server-side Skynet Documentation.

Running into rate-limiting on Skynet? Reach out to dghelm#8125 on Discord with your concept for a promo code for a free Pro Account on Siasky.

Need an idea or want to build out something I thought of last night? Be my guest.


You can also use this package to interact with Skynet from C# serverside:

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Hi Guys,
We would like to participate to the Akash-Skynet Challenge with our project. We’re developing a container registry with Akash as compute and Skynet as storage.
Please find below the links to the posts, proposals and progress we’ve made so far:

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Sir is there any tutorial or article which elaborate on how to deploy php, mysql based application on skynet!
If there is then this would be very helpful in moving forward!

Thank you!

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Should we extend the Hackathon?

  • Yes, extend the challenge until August 17!
  • No, keep it at August 9th.

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Extend the deadline is great.

Extend for sure, I’ve not had enough time because of my vacation :sweat_smile: