Create a Multi-Cloud blog post : Win AKT!

:wave: Happy holidays content creators! :christmas_tree:

We have a holiday blog bounty that should be a fun respite from uncomfortable conversations with your family over the holidays.

What is Multi-cloud? Is it a weather pattern or is it a strategy for scaling your IT stack? Who knows? We’re placing a bet that you do!

The cornucopia amount of crypto projects launched this year alone is mind boggling. Many projects are adopting multi-cloud approaches that give them access to technology and resources available in the public cloud alongside the private cloud, or at the edge (edge compute).

In saying all this, we’re putting out a bounty for the best written multi-cloud blog. In this piece, we’re looking to answer questions on what multi-cloud is and how this technology aligns with Akash Network.

Multi-cloud is a major trend in IT. In the spirit of timeliness and relevance, this blog will highlight how Akash supports multi-cloud deployments.


  • 1000 - 1500 word blog post
  • Give a clear explanation of Multi-cloud
  • Multi-cloud use-case
  • Explain the pros and cons of multi-cloud
  • Dive into multi-cloud in relation to blockchain


  • 100 AKT to the best guide
  • We will create a social post and credit the writer of the guide on our channels
  • You might even get a little swag for your effort

If you’d like to participate, follow the steps below:

  1. Draft a “Multi-Cloud & the Blockchain” Guide
  2. Reply to this post with a public google doc link containing your blog and share below.
  3. We will review all entrants
  4. One winner will be selected
  5. We will edit your post if needed, create a graphics for it and post to our social channel

:star:Optional - Create a video to go along with the written guide.

Deadline for submissions is 1/14

If you have any questions, let us know in the thread below. Thanks all, we can’t wait to review your submissions!


Hi everyone, I saw this challenge on twitter and decided to submit!


Awesome! We’ll be reviewing over the coming days. Thanks for your submission! :heart:

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I will prepare something to. I don’t know what’s the multi cloud before and I do some resarch from now. I’ll try to do something clear and easily to understand. I think it’ll be good for this weekend. See U soon.

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Love it! Sounds like you’re going to have some fun researching!

Thought I would give it a crack, Hope I was able to nail what your project is trying to do

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Thank you, looking forward to reading!

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I think not the best and technical of the documents you receive but just to participate and for fun. I do my best.
I love Cosmos hub and I hope to find some project to integrate like in community manager.
Love all !

Multi-Cloud and the blockchain

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Thanks! We’ll be reviewing this week!

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Thanks for participating! We’re reviewing this week. :star:

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and here is a google docs version:

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Happy to support the project:

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Hello everyone,
I created a draft too.
Here is my link: Akash - Multi-Cloud & the Blockchain - Google Docs


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Hey all - We’re actively reviewing the submissions.

We’ll update the winner next week.

Have a great weekend!


Hello, any news ?

Hey there - Sorry for the delay. A winner has been chosen. We’ll be updating the community this week!


you’re a master of suspense, Adam!

Sorry for the delay on this fam!

With so many submissions, it was hard to choose a winner. ooftah.

The winner is @stacywhiteisright! Congrats Stacey!


I published this Multicloud and the Akash Network blog on LeoFinance, so its also out in the wild for you guys :slight_smile:

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