Cosmos-omnibus starport compatibility update and deployment guide

Problem Statement:

I have been working on the Juno (validator/node) on akash deployment based on a fork of the cosmos-omnibus repo. The repo dockerfile currently does not support starport built cosmos chains. I have made modifications to the dockerfile configuration to add support for the same. I have been talking with Tom about pushing the new code to the repo.

I intend to write a deployment guide for juno as well as stargaze, which are both in testnet. I will keep the omnibus repo configurations and docker builds updated, up to mainnets.

I am up to the point where i need to test akash deployments and am seeking some developer funds to assist. I have created an akash address for development work.


Impact: This will make it easy for people to deploy nodes or validators that rely on starport. The guides will assist newcomers in deploying to akash.

Timeline: Less than 1 month

Team: As this is not a large undertaking, it will be undertaken by myself along with the custodians of the csomos-omnibus repo

Reporting: Finalised deployment guides, updates to this forum post.

Design: NA

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cosmos-omnibus now updated to support libwasmvm and juno chain.

I’m sending you some AKT!

Many thanks.

I was also looking at adding support for cosmovisor, to keep nodes on the latest binary. Is this something the community thinks would be beneficial? Or no?

I am not the entire community but I would love to see this!

We have just gone into lockdown here in Brisbane so I should have plenty of time to work on it.

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Bummer sorry to hear that!

Hi All. I have written the guide to start a juno node on Akash. This was the introduction to getting up and running, there will be a follow up guide with storing keys on s3 storage and upgrading to a validator.

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Hey guys, I just want to say that I think it would make sense to standardize around state sync for omnibus.

To drive this I just went around the cosmos ecosystem and made a bunch of pull requests that update chains to 0.42.8


Apparently that causes some IBC issues so, we should wait for 0.42.9 and then get the omnibus chains upgraded and have state sync nodes running on akash.

State sync makes running a validator less terrifying, and I think that we have the opportunity to drive it home and benefit the ecosystem.

Great guide @nullMames and thanks so much for your contributions to Omnibus. We’ll get the libwasvm update out ASAP in the next version (v0.0.5).

@faddat Thank you for your contributions too! It’s so helpful having some eyes on the Gaia side of things as I’m not running a node yet myself. We’ll also get your updates in v0.0.5 asap.

I completely agree about statesync - right now the biggest challenge with running a validator on Akash is the time taken to ‘boot from cold’, and disk usage (until we have storage optimised providers). Statesync and pruning will make this so much simpler. I have had success with statesync on some chains (Akash) but not on others. With Osmosis I couldn’t get statesync OR pruning to work successfully.

I need to play with these options a bit more but it’s great to hear about the tendermint update for statesync - please keep us in the loop and any contributions are hugely appreciated.


awesome. i’ll update the guide when v0.0.5 is released.


will be making a lot of contributions ot omnibus over the next 24h or so. I hope.

Wish me luck :).

PS: Most of the setups in omnibus simply will not work, mainly because the storage is much too small.


what changes are you making? out of curiosity.

I would have thought that each user would just modify the configs to suit their individual needs.

Everything should work by default, so people can use it in automated setups

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This is true.

To make this feasible however, there really needs to be someone from each chain maintain an up to date publicly available snapshot of the chain data. Gaia for example is not feasible to to sync from genesis. You also could not sync some chains such as Juno from genesis without automated upgrades. I am going to look into cosmovisor but have not had the time yet.

It just took 2 weeks to sync Juno testnet from genesis and it is no where near the size of Gaia.

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In fact fren, I’m doing it for all of them.

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