Confusion on Akash network

Hi, I recently sent a small amount of AKT from my Cosmostation akash1s56r95n6k29hgg0k7k3xl99t0aegtqjqxdgx33

To my Kraken via IBC on the address provided akash1jphryl43l3hhxnqv2377hez7wteak950hlrfvq

The send went fine and the 5.7 AKT are viewable through mint scan but Kraken support says it is on the wrong network and I don’t understand how is that even possible when the address says Akash

Can anyone help me understanding? This is not about the small amount of AKT but the fact that Kraken is refusing to bridge whatever network they are in, and they are the only ones with the private key.

During the transfer I chosen IBC, is this what they refer to?