Community Awards Board Meeting #4, November 24th, 2021

@everyone is invited to the 4th CAB meeting! The meeting will be recorded and shared for all to watch. CAB Voting has ended today. You can see the results here:

Current CAB Members:
@Chalabi @its.maddie @colinpollen @sarasioux @guacamole @ethosAGE @tombeynon @baktun14 @SpacePotato

Datetime :
Wednesday November 24th at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm GMT

Video call link:

Facilitator for this Meeting:

Colin Pollen

Agenda :

  1. Review the results of the voting process.
  2. Discuss follow up questions.
  3. Vote live to accept the results.
  4. Beta Access to Open Registry
  5. Grant Presentation: StrangeClan
  6. Grant Presentation: HandyHost

This meeting will be recorded and meeting minutes will be shared.


Thank you everyone for participating.

Here is the meeting transcription with comments enabled.

Here is the meeting video recording.

Here is a summary of the decisions:
Agenda :

  1. Vote on Open Registry → No on $100,000. Yes on $10,000
  2. Vote on Akashlytics → Yes on $100,000
  3. Vote on Akash Deploy → Yes on $10,000
  4. Vote on ArGo App → No on $100,000. Requested Updated proposal.
  5. Vote on Apsu Auditing → Yes on $100,000
  6. Vote on AwesomeAkash+ → Yes on $10,000
  7. Vote on Akash JS → No on $10,000
  8. Grant Presentation: StrangeClan → Positive response from all. Grant Application Requested
  9. Grant Presentation: HandyHost → Positive response from all. Grant Application Requested
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