Community Awards Board Meeting #2, August 26th, 2021

@everyone is invited to the second CAB meeting! If you are not on the CAB, please mute yourself, ask questions via chat, and raise your hand to be called on to speak.

Datetime :
Thursday August 26 at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm GMT

Confirmed Attendees:
@Chalabi @its.maddie @colinpollen

Not confirmed:
@sarasioux @jackzampolin @guacamole @ethosAGE @tombeynon @baktun14

Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(US) +1 406-640-8593‬ PIN: ‪816 708 634‬#
More phone numbers:

Facilitator for this Meeting:
Colin Pollen

Agenda :

  1. Vote: Mission Statement for Community Awards Board
  2. Vote: Close Nominations for new CAB Members
  3. Update on Project Phoenix by @amrosa
  4. Update on Open Registry by @JasdeepSingh
  5. Grant Application: Akashroku
  6. Grant Application: Akash Deploy
  7. Grant Application: Akash Connect
  8. Grant Application: Akash JS

This meeting will be recorded and meeting minutes will be shared.


Really sad to miss this but I’m on holiday for the long weekend and will be travelling at this time. I’ll catch up on the session afterwards so I’m up to date for the next one

Hey guys!
I suggest also using countdown timer, since it’s very difficult and confusing sometimes to convert timezones, also with pm/am , especially if you are not living into one of the mentioned timezones like: pst/est/gmt

I’d love to join this call and represent openregistry and answer any question CAB members might have for us

awesome, thanks!:))))))

Countdown to the 2nd CAB meeting:

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Second CAB Meeting Minutes

Thursday August 26 at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm GMT

Roll Call:

  • Colin Lowenberg -
  • Chalabi - Chandra Station
  • Anthony - Project Phoenix
  • Eric - Dev at Akash
  • Jasdeep - OpenRegistry
  • Michael G - Marketing Manager
  • Boz - COO
  • Adam Boz - CTO
  • Sara - AI/Marketing and NFT,
  • Space Potato - Been with Akash since testnet 2
  • Jessy James - Akashstarter
  • Derek - Engineering Lead

1. Mission Statement for Community Awards Board

Our mission is to provide funding for promising projects that contribute to the growth of the developer community, increase adoption of Akash Network, and spur innovation in the decentralized cloud across the Cosmos ecosystem.

  • Vote: Passes by consensus

2. Nominations for new CAB Members

  1. Chandra: Motion to close nominations.
  2. Maddie: Agreed, but we should have a way to add new members in the future.
  3. Colin nominated Space Potato: Accepted
  4. Space Potato: Accepted
  5. Colin nominated Sara
  6. Sara: Accepted
  7. Vote Close Nominations: Passes by consensus

3. Update on Project Phoenix by @amrosa

4. Vote on Project Phoenix: 8 votes, motion passes!!

5. Update on Open Registry by @JasdeepSingh

  3. GitHub - jay-dee7/OpenRegistry: OpenRegistry - A decentralised container registry fully compliant
  4. OpenRegistry - Roadmap · GitHub

6. Chandra: Motion to Table the vote due to absent CAB members

7. Boz: Point of Order, do we have a Quorum to vote?

8. Colin: CAB Member Roll Call: 5 out of 9 are present!

  • Colin - present
  • Chandra Station - present
  • Maddie - present
  • Sara Sioux - present
  • Space Potato - present
  • Max / baktun - absent
  • Gunjan Walecha - absent
  • Tom Beynon - absent
  • Ethan Kravitz aka Ethos - absent

9. Vote to fund Open Registry:

  • Votes: 5 Yes, 1 No
  • Motion Passes
  • Request for Information: The community would like to understand OpenRegistry better

Table to the Next CAB Meeting:

  1. Grant Application: Akashroku 3
  2. Grant Application: Akash Deploy 5
  3. Grant Application: Akash Connect 3
  4. Grant Application: Akash JS 1



Hey guys! thanks for the meeting, awesome that it was recorded, congratz to projects that received further investments:)

I have a small note - if someone wants to rewatch the video it would be great if there were timelines /timestamps (like on youtube videos sometimes)

(Hovewer I also understand that this is a lot of work to rewatch 1 hour video, so it may be not worth it:)

Also I have another idea:
Someone asked about voting system (like for example - it would be great for someone to vote who was abscent on the call )
I guess it was Bob at 34th minute

I want to build an AKASHSTARTER Launchpad for new projects that will be hosted on Akash network
There will be governance tab, where users could submit proposals and vote on them, maybe we can test this function in current Grant programm and CAB meeting needs?:slight_smile: