Community Awards Board Meeting #1, August 12th, 2021

I’m very excited to announce and remind everyone involved in the CAB that we will hold our first meeting this week.

Thursday August 12 at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm GMT

Confirmed Attendees:
@guacamole @ethosAGE @tombeynon @baktun14 @Chalabi @its.maddie

Not confirmed:
@sarasioux @jackzampolin

Google Meet

Facilitator for this Meeting:
Colin Pollen


  1. Mission Statement for Community Awards Board
  2. Open Nominations for new CAB Members
  3. Amendment to Proposal #9.
  4. Grant Application: Project Phoenix by @amrosa
  5. Grant Application: Open Registry by @JasdeepSingh
  6. Funding for developers registered on Discourse ($7100 USD)
  7. Requirements of being on the CAB?
  8. Elections: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
  9. Determine meeting cadence and next meeting date.
  10. Agenda for 2nd meeting.

This meeting will be recorded and meeting minutes will be shared.


Agenda Item Additions

  1. Discuss Amendments to Proposal #9
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  • Chandra Station - Validator for Cosmos Chains
  • Max / baktun - Akashlytics
  • Gunjan Walecha - Open Registry
  • Tom Beynon - Deploy Tools
  • Tyler Frank aka TCF - AGE Network Partner
  • Ethan Kravitz aka Ethos - AGE Network Partner
  • Maddie - High school student, Web3 Hobbyist
  • Colin Pollen - Akash Partnerships
  • Adam - Akash CTO
  • Boz Menzalji - Akash COO
  • Eric Zietlow - Akash Developer Relations
  • Kelsey Ruiz - Akash Comms & Content
  • Adam Wozney - Akash Community
  • Derek - Akash Engineering Lead

Mission Statement for Community Awards Board

  1. Chandra: Our focus is to make sure that people who deserve funding get it from $100 to $100,000.
  2. Max: Decisions should be made by the community.
  3. Gunjan: Agreed
  4. Tom: Get an eye on promising projects and developers coming up in the community.
  5. Tyler: Raise awareness and build the community
  6. Ethan: Increase the number of developers involved in the community.
  7. Adam: Agreed. Foster new projects.
  8. Boz: Mission statement should be narrow in focus on the projects that we are funding to contribute to the growth and adoption of the network. Examples include Akashlytics and Deploy UI tools.
  9. Derek: Agree
  10. Adam: Agree. Spurring innovation in the decentralized cloud across the Cosmos ecosystem
  11. Eric: Agree

Community Awards Board

Nominations for new CAB Members

  • Colin Pollen - accepted, attended
  • Chandra Station - accepted, attended
  • Max / baktun - accepted, attended
  • Gunjan Walecha - accepted, attended
  • Tom Beynon - accepted, attended
  • Ethan Kravitz aka Ethos - accepted, attended
  • Maddie - accepted, attended
  • Sara Sioux - accepted

Should we cap the number of board members?

  • Boz: We should work on the process before expanding. We may want to have representatives from other communities such as Cosmos, Solana

Requirements for CAB Membership

  1. Attending meetings
  2. Voting on Project Proposals / Grant Applications
  3. Activity on the Forum

Funding for Developers

  1. Proposal was passed and 100,000 AKT was sent
  2. Chandra: We want the CAB to make decisions on 10k or more. We do not want to make developers wait to get started
  3. Ethan: We should require them to write a proposal to show they are committed to building.
  4. Kelsey: Agreed, we want them going through the different phases and showing some level of commitment.
  5. Derek: Does the Akash open source network want to compete with AWS and DigitalOcean?
  6. Colin: Note that our competitors offer $100 of credit to all developers with a GitHub account for free.
  7. Chandra: I feel the proposal was not meant for all developers.
  8. Ethan: I feel the same about the proposal.
  9. Eric: It seems to me that this fund is for improving the quality of the community rather than anyone off the street.
  10. Colin: Sounds like the consensus is to only give $100 to developers with a project proposal.
  11. Maddie: We don’t have a Testnet at this point. Getting 5 AKT would be enough to get them started.
  12. Ethan: Is there a cap on this? Colin: There could be 1000 new developers.
  13. Vote: 8 hands raised! Consensus
  14. Motion Passed

Grant Application: Open Registry by @JasdeepSingh

  1. Chandra/Tom/Maddie/Maxime: Everyone should review.
  2. Ethan: How do we determine the amount $1000 or $10000. If a project comes in that requests more funding.
  3. Gunjan: At this point we want to follow up with Jasdeep to present. We are already working full-time and part-time on this project.

Should people presenting their project be voting on their own proposal?

  • Colin: No they should abstain.
  • Gunjan: Agreed. (Note: Gunjan abstains from voting on OpenRegistry)
  • Vote: Consensus is Yes
  • Motion Passed

Should we vote to fund OpenRegistry?

  • Yes Votes: 6
  • No Votes: 0
  • Abstain Votes: 1
  • Motion Passed

Grant Application: Project Phoenix by @amrosa

Should we vote to fund Project Phoenix?

  1. Vote to give $1000 to Project Phoenix
  2. Yes Votes: 8 votes
  3. Motion Passed

Amendment to Proposal #9

Eventually, we came to an agreement. Initially small submissions ($100–$1000) will be internally managed by Akash, and funded through the Akash treasury. The next stage, larger funding submissions ($10,000+) will be managed through a committee, and funded through a multi-sig wallet managed by those committee members.
After Jack, and other validator(s) agreed to this, we approached the Akash team and they agreed as well. So in the next day or so, we plan to amend our proposal to reflect the new plan. This satisfies Jack’s desire for decentralized/ committee governance, ours for efficiency in phase 1/ small submission requests.
Moving forward, we are making a call to action for other Validators to get involved in this process. It was a pleasure to meet some of our Validator friends today, and we hope more of them reach out to get involved in the committee, or even just to say hello.


  1. Ethan: I would like the CAB to focus on larger awards. A Faucet should be built and funded by Akash not the CAB. I agree that we should make it a quick process to get $100 but not make it as simple as a Faucet. We want to know how much will go to the smaller grants. We should look at a breakdown of the funding to be spent by tier.
  2. Max: Maybe we can do partial payments. Will milestones be required for $10k or just $100k? Colin: up for discussion.
  3. Ethan: We agree but also think it should be in different wallets
  4. Gunjan: Agree larger amounts need votes
  5. Maddie: Agreed with Gunjan

CAB Meeting cadence and next meeting date.

##Weekly or monthly?

1.Maddie: Let’s meet more often than monthly to start.

Tabling these Agenda items for 2nd meeting:

  1. Vote on Amendment
  2. Break down of the funding by tier
  3. Faucet is recommended to Akash
  4. Vote on Mission Statement
  5. Vote on Closing Nominations

Here is the video recording:

Thanks a lot for the summary colin!
I have one question for future meetings: Are all interested community members allowed to join the CAB Meeting or is this only for CAB Members and we have to wait for the summary/video?

Everyone is invited! We will share the next date and time on the forum.

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Hey @colin.lowenberg @zJu i dont want to come off as rude but I think the meetings should be restricted to CAB members and recognised community members (maybe we add them on the board too). Adding more people on the call can introduce a lot of friction and also makes the call longer.

Hey Jasdeep, we appreciate your comments. We also do not want to waste any time! Rest assured community members that join will have to be clear and concise if they are given time to speak. The meetings will not be community lead although everyone’s opinion is valuable! If more members are added to the board they will most likely be added as advisors and not contributing members to the actual CAB vote. We would like to save the open seats for members that will really add value to the governing board!