Collaboratory Platform

Problem Statement:

Right now, there are very few decentralized collaboratory platforms, if any! This means that there can be network outages that will make your work files inaccessible. You may also get locked out from your account which will have the same effect. For example, I got banned from Steam a while back. They won’t unban my account and I have no way of contacting some of my friends there. There’s also a potential ethical problem, which is the fact that they could build their applications to steal your data - using it for ML and similar.


This project will create actual decentralized alternatives to collaboratory platforms. This means that there will be alternatives to major platforms released by Google & Microsoft.


I want to possibly create a few polished applications utilizing Akash for initial server authentication and also frontend, and Skynet for file storage and routing HNS-domains to the frontend. These applications will make it possible to view, create, and modify documents, spreadsheets, and possibly mimic other applications such as PowerPoint or YouTube, although the latter isn’t a collaboratory platform.


As mentioned, it will utilize Akash for server authentication/frontend, and Skynet for file storage/HNS-domain routing. I would like it to be supported on major platforms like PC, Web, & Mobile.


Constant development. Although, a decent PoC would take a maximum of 1-3 months, and a mini PoC would take a few days/possibly weeks.


No, although I will be utilizing Gitcoin bounties and help from others. The project will be open-source(obviously) and anyone will be able to suggest changes.


Announcements/reports for every major milestone. If anyone is more interested, they can check out the Github page and see all edits.


There’s no design yet.