Citizen Cloud Wallet

Proof of work + proof of citizenship

Currently, the value of data managed by public and government - local and central - is often paid-out to (mostly US large corporates) AWS, MS etc.

Combine 1) the proof that a person lives in a specific country “proof of citizenship” with 2) Akash decentralised computing marketplace, so that a citizen is able to offer cloud computing services for public sector computing requirements, “proof of work” (in their country of citizenship; and only for their country of citizenship).

While this may appear to be a throttled version of Akash is unlocks specific benefits that preserve the autonomy of Akash and other blockchain technologies, for example PKT currency.

The purpose is to support digital identity while also creating greater inclusion so that citizens join government and other organisations that strive for greater data sovereignty!

Goals to achieve:
A wallet that can also verify address information provided by a citizen combine, such that recognisable by country and able to transact on this basis. Has this already been done by another chain?

Impact this will have includes:

  1. knowledges that not all public sector data needs to be kept secure, where much of the data managed by public services including local and central government organisations could be managed as open data. This follows the existing open data movement; and
  2. Open data can be transacted via Akash cloud marketplace and cryptocurrency could be earned, e.g. PKT by those citizens involved in offering cloud network services; and
  3. Citizens can use their compute power to provide open data cloud storage within the same legal jurisdiction as the public authorities that require. Which is often not the case when countries are typically forced to use large incumbents like AWS etc.; and
  4. Citizens are incentivised to prove their identity in order to receive payment in form of cryptocurrencies for performing valued public services.
  5. Creates/preserves data sovereignty for a country and values and rewards citizens;
  6. Creates cryptocurrency mining opportunities for citizens and the resulting education, skills and financial benefit;
  7. Subject to laws and government policies that will differ by country creates a digital citizen and financial democracy that can support acceleration of digital public services

This will depend on country [I can provide initial views based on legal jurisdiction as this proposal suits specific types of government structures and wil not be suitable for other countries].

Team (agile but there is an order to this - see reporting):
Marketing and research - pilots
UI - identity
Blockchain - identity
UX - Akash
Wallet developer - Akash


  • Measures for pilot to be agreed, timescale will depend on initial country(s) jurisdictions and digital maturity. Suggest initially mapped to established open data sources
  • Format shall be as a Product Roadmap with user testing as milestones/iterations for UI/UX testing